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Product Reviews/Giveaways (FAQs)

I would love to feature your company. Living on Love and Cents has a track record for bringing new readers and customers to sites that are featured in reviews and/ or giveaways. Email livingonloveandcents@gmail.com for my Media Kit with stats and rates.

Product Reviews-

BlogHer Social Media Maters Study

“Women who read blogs routinely trust implicitly the advice and recommendations they receive, especially if it is from a blogger that they follow on a regular basis. We find this is true in every study conducted over the past four years and the effect never diminishes.  In this year’s Social Media study, 88% of the active blog readers in the total U.S. general population trust the information they get from familiar blogs. Asked why they have this level of trust, nearly half (48%) say it’s because they had made purchases in the past based on blog recommendations and were satisfied with the results. Over 50% of the active blog readers in the general U.S. online population have made a purchase based on a blog recommendation.”*

Why should I have my products reviewed by Living on Love and Cents.

This is a fun and easy way to gain exposure and traffic to your site. Studies have shown (including the one above) that readers value the opinion of mom bloggers that they follow regularly. This is the new and best way to advertise to today’s moms! One full size product is sent to me and tested out on me and/ or my family. As a mom and a consumer I know how to best evaluate products for my readers.  My honest opinions are presented in a post on Living on Love and Cents. Moms can then feel confident in your product and company. Living on Love and Cents has a track record of positive reviews that lead to new customers.

Who reviews the products for Living on Love and Cents?

Products to be reviewed and featured on Living on Love and Cents are reviewed by me. I am a business owner, wife, mother and  a consumer that understands time is money. I understand the power of social media and I know how to represent people, products, places.Your product will not only be used by me but will also be used by my family (if possible) and I try to include personal photos when I can!

What does it cost?

I do not charge a fee for review items that are valued at or over $50. If items are under $50 a fee will apply. Contact me via email or contact form below for a price that fits your business needs.

What will a Product Review Post include?

  • 1 blog posting featuring your company and product
  • photos 2-3 (possibly more depending on product)
  • links to your website and social networking sites
  • I also can include a video review by request (for an possible additional fee)

What about Apps/ E Books/ Computer Games?

Apps, E Books, Computer Games, etc   are priced per post.

Used items or Returning items Policy:

Review products will not be returned. They may not be sent used. Refurbished may be allowed if agreed upon in advance.

Shipping Charges:

Living on Love and Cents is not responsible for products that arrive damaged or get lost in the mail. Shipping is to be paid by your company for the review item AND prize!

How do I get in line to be featured on Living on Love and Cents?

If you have a family friendly product that you would like reviewed by me, please email me at livingonloveandcents@gmail.com .Describe  the product you would like to submit for a review and/or giveaway and a link to your company’s website. I will contact you within 48 hours to accept/deny your request.

How long does it take?

Please specify if you need the item reviewed quickly (due to a sale or launch party). If we have decided to feature you in a specific event on Living on Love and Cents then it will run during the time frame agreed upon. If a set date is not determined please allow up to 5 weeks. (It will depend on the reviews ahead of you)

What if Living on Love and Cents Testers are not happy with the product?

I do not post negative reviews. If I feel your product needs improvement or doesn’t meet my standards, I will let you know privately.


BlogHer Social Media Maters StudyThe 2011 Social Media study asked which type of ad content would entice readers to want to learn more about or purchase a particular product. Sweepstakes topped the list (58%), not surprising in a struggling economy.  A special blog promotion or familiar blogger also came in at a higher level than an ad featuring a celebrity, adding additional confirmation to the elevated trust readers bestow upon blogs.*

Why should I do a giveaway?

I highly recommend offering a giveaway to run along with the review. Giveaways are a great way to increase traffic to your site and create buzz about your company. It also gives us the opportunity to promote your product using various social networking sites. Based on the finding of many surveys including the one mentioned above sweepstakes are one of the best ways to motive readers to learn more about a product and ultimately purchase the product or service.

What is included in a Giveaway post?

Giveaways WITH Review include the following:

  • Posted along with the Review Post described above.
  • Facebook posting on the Living on Love and Cents Facebook page that features your company(and if applicable links to your Facebook page)
  • Weekly tweet by @loveandcents that mentions your twitter id
  • New Followers via  Facebook and/or Twitter (this is an entry in to the giveaway).
  • Your giveaway will  be linked up at over 120 sites per week. See the sites we link to here.

Giveaways WITHOUT Review include the following:

  • A Giveaway Post Fee will apply. (Contact me for details)
  • A post including a small description of your product.
  • No opinion as I have not tried it for myself.
  • Facebook posting on the Living on Love and Cents Facebook page that features your company(and if applicable links to your Facebook page)
  • Weekly tweet by @loveandcents that mentions your twitter id
  • New Followers via  Facebook and/or Twitter (this is an entry in to the giveaway).
  • Your giveaway will  be linked up at over 120 sites per week. See the sites we link to here.

What are the entries into giveaways?

There will be one mandatory entry. Usually this is a comment about something like from your site or the product being featured. There will also be extra entries for more ways to win. This is a way to get the most exposure in several ways. Extra Entries can include Fanning a Facebook Page, Following on  Twitter and  Sharing the Giveaway (usually on Twitter or FB). We will not ask any entrant to write on your FB wall for an entry. This is against Facebook rules. If you have a specific way of entry that you would like included this must be made clear before the giveaway begins. New entries will not be allowed once it has begun. As the host of your giveaway I will ask that readers follow me in different ways as extra entries as well.

How is the Winner chosen?

All giveaways are managed by the  Rafflecopter Form. Once the giveaway has closed, winners are picked using the Rafflecopter an the winner is feature.  Winners will be announced on a post on Living on Love and Cents and notified by email. They are then given 48 hours to respond and claim their prize. After 48 hours another winner will be chosen.

Who fulfills the prize?

Living on Love and Cents  is NOT responsible for mailing giveaways to the winner. All prizes must be fulfilled by the Company sponsoring the giveaway.

From a Reader: What if I do not receive my prize?

Occasionally a Company does not fulfill the prize won in a giveaway. This is very unfortunate and makes the company look bad. I will make every effort to resolve the matter with the Company on behalf of the winner. However I am not responsible for any prizes that are not fulfilled by the Sponsor/Company.


*Quotes from Blog Her 2011 Social Media Study

  • I have a romance book already reviewed and I’d like to promote it. Would this be possible? My publisher and business partner is Bruce and can be reached at cookcomm@ameritech.net

    Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you for your time.


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    I look forward to hearing from you.