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5 Powerful Tips for Helping You Feel Great With What You Wear

On some days, picking out an outfit is easy, and every item of clothing fits perfectly and looks great. On others, choosing every article of clothing is a struggle. This article will offer advice to women who find they struggle to feel good about their clothing choices on too many days.

It’s possible to dress with confidence every day. It just takes some work. Read on to find five helpful tips that can get women started toward the path to improved confidence and stylish charm.

Find the Right Accessories

The right accessories can improve a woman’s confidence in any outfit. Women should look for jewelry, shoes, and other accessories that match their personal style and are comfortable to wear. Check out these booties for women to get started choosing new footwear that offers both style and comfort.

Understand Body Type

The best way for women to feel confident in what they wear is for them to dress according to their body type. Not only will knowing their body types help women better understand how they should develop personal styles that perfectly complement their figures, but it will also ensure that their clothing fits well so they can move around easily.

There are four main body types: apple-shaped, banana-shaped, pear-shaped, and hourglass-shaped, and no one of them is better than another. They’re just different. Not sure how to determine body type? Check out this helpful body type calculator.

Choose a Personal Style

Women shouldn’t just buy clothes because they’re in fashion at the moment and fit their body shapes. Instead, they should develop their own personal styles so what they wear reflects their personalities. They can do this by reading fashion magazines, or paying attention when they’re out shopping or having fun with friends. Take inspiration from other women’s stylistic choices.

Before buying any article of clothing, consumers should stop and ask if it will make them feel more or less like their true selves. If the answer is an emphatic “more,” it might be worth buying a new dress, blouse, or a pair of pants even if it isn’t a perfect match in terms of body type. Plus, an article of clothing or accessory that acts as an expression of its wearer’s personality is less likely to just end up as a donation to a thrift store at the end of the season.

Do some Experimenting

Try to have fun with choosing new looks, and don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s usually best for women to experiment with new styles when they have plenty of time to get ready since the chances are it will take some extra time to get dressed in new outfits they’ve never worn before.

Learn from Mistakes

The worst thing that can happen when experimenting with a new outfit or style is finding that it isn’t quite the right fit. Learn from that mistake and view it as an opportunity to grow. As long as women can determine exactly what about an article of clothing makes them feel dissatisfied, that new knowledge is worth the extra effort of going through a few outfits before choosing one.

The Bottom Line

There is no magic bullet for women who want to feel great every time they walk out the door. Following the tips outlined above can get just about anyone started on the difficult work of determining a personal style and building self-confidence. It’s worth the effort.

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