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A Spring Makeover & Enjoying Time Outside (Bye Bye Allergies!) @AllegraOTC #cbais #ClearBeauty

The weather is beatiful outside. the sun is shining and the temperature is perfect. But instead of soaking up the sun I am indoors feeling miserable! Along with the beautiful springtime weather comes terrible allergies. My daughter and I both suffer from allergies terribly. Whether inside or out we are suffering. Each day has been dreadful. And you know that when you feel bad you look bad.

Speaking of looking bad my makeup is so sad. I have basically run out of all the essentials. I have a very simple beauty regimen. But even for a simple person this is crazy1

This week I decided enough was enough! I wanted to get out and enjoy the sun and look and feel good while doing it! That is when Allergera entered the picture! I have actually never tried Allegra OTC. This year I heard all the claims that it is fast acting and does NOT make you sleepy and I thought “Yeah right”! But I was desperate enough to give it a try. So my little man and I took off to CVS to put a stop to this miserable looking mom! While there I was so excited to see the Allegra 30 count was on sale for $17.99 card users! This is happening all of MAY! WOOHOO!

My CVS also had sticky coupons available for the smaller sizes so you can save no mater what size you get! I discovered they have Allegra for children as well. SCORE! I got them both then headed to the beauty section. I decided to replace all the items that I use the most: foundation, eye liner, lipgloss, eye brow trimmer (Did you see the terrible eye brow mess in the picture above??? EWW) and some nail polish.  YOu can see my whole shopping experience on Google +. Here were my final items.

I did not delay! I immediately opened the medicine in the car and took a pill. I wanted to see how fast acting it was. I still had to go to another store for a few groceries. By the time I got done with that errand I felt like a new woman! It was working!!

I wanted to put Allegra to a REAL test and spend some time outdoors with my little man. But first I went and mad my face match how I felt. I fixed those terrible brows, put on a little coverage and I was done. Just a little tlc to your face can make you feel so much better about yourself!  I spent several minutes looking in the mirror in amazement  at the red in my nose and eyes disappearing and the puffiness going down. It was really working! I felt great!

So I made a picnic lunch for me and the little man and we headed outside. You can imagine how shocked and excited he was! His face was priceless. We sat outside and enjoyed our lunch then I did all I could to test out the Allegra. Usually after 5 minutes the symptoms have begun.  I am sneezing and feel horrible. But this day I was literally able to roll in the grass and smell the flowers. Isn’t it funny the things you will do just because you can!!


Do you have any tips for over coming indoor or outdoor allergies? Please share!

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I am going to soak up some more sun and fresh air!  I hope you are doing the same!

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  1. I’m glad that Allegra worked so well for you! My daughter takes that too. My older son takes 3 different allergy medications and shots because his are so severe. The only tip I have is when the allergy season is really bad, wait until after 4:00pm to open your windows. The pollen count is lower then.

    1. Thanks Brenda. I agree that evenings are best. I am sorry about your son! My daughter used to be that bad. Seemed like she was allergic to EVERYTHING> Good news it she has outgrown any of them. And we have learned to make others just a way of life. Thanks for your kind comment!

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