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What do you eat on Advocare 24 day challenge

Tomorrow I start day one on my second Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I am continuing my Advocare reviews for you and have had some questions about what you can eat while doing the 24 day challenge. I eat all of my favorite foods. I try to stick to the Paleo diet. Here are some tips for eating on the challenge. This will change depending on your desired results. You should check with your coach first. If you need a coach, let me know and I’ll hook you up. 

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Food List

· Dry roasted or raw nuts like almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts etc.
· Skinless, boneless chicken breast
· Lean red meat
· Fish
· Tuna canned in water
· Turkey breast
· Lentils (This is NOT Paleo)

Fresh or Frozen Fruits (not canned) -recommend you eat with protein
· Berries
· Apples
· Bananas
· Pineapple
· Oranges
· Grapes
· Cantaloupe/honeydew
· Mango, kiwi and other tropical fruit

Fresh or Frozen Vegetables -recommend you eat with protein
· Avocado
· Broccoli
· Asparagus
· Spinach
· Tomatoes
· Cucumber
· Peas
· Carrots
· Lettuce and other leafy greens

Starches/ Complex Carbs
· Oatmeal – Old Fashioned Rolled oats with no added sugars
· Brown rice
· Quinoa
· Yams/sweet potatoes
· Whole grain (not whole wheat) bread
· Whole grain medley (one of my favorites)

Condiments, Herbs, Spices
· Olive oil, expeller pressed vegetable oils, sesame oil.
· All types of vinegars
· Splenda, sucralose or Stevia
· An array of fresh and/or bottled herbs and spices for seasoning
· Fresh mint, lemons, limes and 100% cranberry juice
· Mustard, relish, pickles
· Zero calorie butter spray

· Margarine
· Table sugar
· Anything fried
· Soda
· White sauces
· Chips, donuts, pastries, or crackers
· No hydrogenated oils
· Bleached, unbleached or enriched flours – always whole grain
· high fructose corn syrup
· alcohol
· Dairy (Try Almond Milk)

24dayChallenge My results

This will change depending on your desired results. For example, I am trying to eliminate all grains.

For more on my Advocare experience see all Advocare posts.

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