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EasyKicks Subscription: Shoes For Growing Kids & A Lifesaver For Moms
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EasyKicks Subscription: Shoes For Growing Kids & A Lifesaver For Moms

EasyKicks is the first sneaker club for kids that allows busy parents to order new Nike and Converse sneakers online when they need, starting at $20 per month. Orders are delivered to your door in a box personalized …

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Kids and Cellphones: The Right Way To Do It & The Best Wireless Plan #shop #cbias


Kids with cell phones, it’s a tricky thing. I will admit that I have been against kids having phone for years. Over the last few years, as cell phones have become more common, my husband an I have been certain that our children would not get a phone.  Then, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, our daughter started growing up and things changed. She is now in after school activities, staying with friends, going places with other families and away from us more than we expected her to be. I have started thinking about if she were to be in a dangerous situation or simply needs to reach me. What would she do?  I do not want my little girl to have to ask a stranger for help. I decided now is the time. I need to find the best wireless plan for her.

I have AT&T right now. For me and my husband to share 700 minutes, have unlimited text and a high data limit we spend over $200 a month! I shuddered to think what it would be to add another line. So I did a lot of research and discovered the Walmart Family Mobile Plan.

Have you heard of it? All this time I thought Walmart only had prepaid or limited plans. I was so wrong! They have unlimited plans and the cheapest wireless plan of any provider! Not only are they the cheapest, they also have no contracts or credit check!

I went shopping to find out more. I was still in shock to see the unlimited everything monthly plans under $40! This was an easy decision for us to make! Let me tell you why…

The price: The first line is $29 for unlimited talk and text + $10 if you want the web. That is the monthly price! There are no activation fees. You simply purchase the $25 activation card. For each additional line we add it is only $24.99 plus $10 for the web. The whole family can be covered at an affordable price!

The plans: You choose if you want talk and text only or talk,text and web! Either way it is all unlimited!

The control: You have access to the online account management and information which allows you to control web settings, hours of use, limits and much more! This is so important for a mom! I can control what her phone can and can not do!

So we did it! We got our little girl a phone! But she has rules and we have all the control! Thanks to the Family Mobile Plan and the affordable phones, we can stay in touch at an affordable price!

What did I buy and how did I get started? Check out this video:

I will update you in about a month after we receive the first bill. The most common questions I have received are:

  • “Is it REALLY unlimited minutes, text and data?”
  • “Is it REALLY that price?”
  • “Can your child really stay under your controls?”
  • “How does it compare to other networks?”

So I will let you know an prove it! Stay tuned for more on the #FamilyMobileSaves plan.



Be sure to check out the great digital magazine! It is full of great ideas for back to school and features this awesome cheap wireless plan!


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Finding Balance As A Work At Home Mom

balance work and life
I sat here tonight planning out my week and felt totally overwhelmed! Then a word came to mind: balance.

“Balance is a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc. or the mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.” Dictonary.com

I have been a full time “work outside the home mom” and I have been a full time “stay at home mom” but now I am a full time “work at home mom“. I have to say having been in all 3 positions this one is the toughest!

As a mom who worked outside the home I thought it was challenging. I didn’t have enough time with my kids. But the plus was that the kids were having a blast while I was at work. I was able to pay for good child care where they developed friendships and had constant attention. On the weekend we could just play. There was always the battle of housework. But since both mom and dad worked it was a known fact we all had to pitch in.

As a stay at home mom I felt like my life revolved around diapers, tantrums and singing silly songs. The intellectual stimulation was non existent but things round the house ran smoothly. Dinner was ready when my husband got home, the kids had all my attention, I had time for friends and church. The things that really mattered to me. But I missed working and the creative and mental challenges that came with it.

Then I started pursuing my work at home job of blogging and social media. I prayerfully worked on it and watched it bloom into a paying job. Last year my dream job appeared and now I work 40 hours a week for an amazing company and have my blog and freelance for examiner.com. It is awesome! The kids are home with me and I am doing what I love!

Here comes the hard part that makes me lose sleep. Balance! There is no balance! Some days I feel like I am failing at everything! Trying to balance being a good mom, wife, friend, coworker, employee, business owner, writer, and everything else on my plate is hard!

I want to do it all and do it all GREAT! Sometimes I think…Do I pick what I am going to do awesome and do the rest with what is left?

No that is not me! I have to give 100% to everything I do. That means I have to make time for it all. And even eliminate the things that don’t matter as much.

As I sat here tonight I made a list. (I love lists!) I wrote down the top 4 things in my life right now. 4 is an easier number than all 25 or so things I was worrying about. Now those 4 things I can work on balancing.

As moms and women in general we were made to multitask. We can do many things and do them all well. So I encourage all the other work at home moms to do the same.

  • Pick your top 4.
  • Make a calendar. I use google calendar because it is in my phone and computer. It can also be shared!
  • Mark time for each of your priorities.
  • If you work 40 hours a week or make up your own hours put them on there. Block them as office hours. (Don’t feel bad about hiring a sitter or sending your child somewhere for those hours. )
  • Then block times for the other important things in your life. Make time for your kids without work. Make time for friends. Make time for your husband. Block those things in your calendar. Share it with coworkers if need be.
  • Make sure everything in your top four has a time and a place in your week.
  • Stick to your calendar!

If there is a time set in your week for everything that is important you will find a balance. You deserve to be successful AND have a happy personal life! You can do it!

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