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How To Make Super Cute Felt Owl Hand Warmers

Let me first say that these are not my own design, I saw them on Repeat Crafter Me  the other day and since I had made the owl hats for my girls from her site, I knew these would be my next craft to tackle. These hand warmers  are so simple, fun to put together and super quick to make. Perfect little stocking stuffers or to tie on to a package for an additional little dose of love.

She has a template on her site and you’ll just cut the pieces out.

Sew all the little embellishments on the front piece.

Now sew most of the way around, leaving a space.

Fill the pocket with rice or other grains, I used wheat berries because I have a whole bunch of them.

Sew the rest of the way around and ta-da! A very cute and useful owl handwarmer. She says to heat them for 30 seconds and have up to 30 minutes of warmth for your hands to enjoy. Fantastic!

I’m in love with these! I made cute girly ones to match my girls’ hats but you could easily make these for any man, woman or child on your gift list. How perfect is that? So sweet and they take no time to whip up.


Charley Cooke is a wife, mother, homeschooler and blogger. She and her husband are raising 4 young girls in beautiful Southern Oregon and loving every minute of it! She blogs daily on her own site, http://www.cookesfrontier.blogspot.com/ about food, family, crafts and everything in between.

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