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HI friends! Like you, I am stuck at home with my kids during the CoronaVirus Quarantine. I am working from home while trying to also homeschool and it is proving to be very challenging! So what do you do to fill those empty hours? What do you do to keep them occupied if the teachers are not sending assignments? There are so many amazing companies and people offering entertainment and services to help us out! I will continue to add below as I learn about that. Feel free to add them to the comments below as well!

The California zoo has pre-recorded and live video streams showing koalas, apes, pandas, penguins, and other animals that are sure to bring smiles!

Play math online. Fun Brain is a fun one where you can read or do math by skill level.

Watch and listen to Josh Gad (voice of Olaf) as he has been broadcasting readings of different kids’ stories on Twitter.

Get the kids active with John Wick on YouTube. So Fun! He will be giving daily online P.E. classes for kids

Watch puppies! What’s better than a live stream of puppies playing all day long?

FREE Things You Can Do With Kids During the CoronaVirus Quarantine

Recycle an old notebook. Here is the tutorial.

If you have the ingredients on hand make play dough.

Cook. Search for some kid friendly recipes like these tater tot grilled cheese. YUM!

Make slime (I know every mom is cringing, but the kids love it!) Here is my slime recipe.

This diy fluffy slime is so much fun and is an great craft for kids. It is cheap and easy to make at home. Perfect for tweens and teens too! #kids Get the directions on the blog! .

Paint an old pillow case. Here is one that we did.

Create DIY volcanos outside with household products.

Celebs are reading stories entertaining to all on Storyline on Youtube.

Take fun personality quizzes at National Geographic Kids.

Throw an indoor party. This was our beach indoor party we did one year. You can get creative!

Take a trip to a museum without leaving the house.  These 12 museums are offering virtual tours.

DIY decor balls using glue and yarn

Join Kennedy Center Education every weekday at 1pm ET for LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems. These are very elementary / simple drawings.

Take a walk in your neighborhood or go for a family bike ride (as long as you are keeping a safe distance).

Find an open field or go in the back yard and throw the Frisbee or play a game.

Every day Scholastic includes four separate learning experiences. Kids can do them on their own or with their families.

Put away the electronics and pull out all of those dusty board games.

Learn spanish or another language

Free science or cooking experiment to do at home

FREE Things You Can Do With Kids During the CoronaVirus Quarantine

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