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Getting Started With Rabbits and What You Need To Know

You guys! We got rabbits! My husband was not for this adventure. But during quarantine I went a little crazy and wanted to try all the things. I started a garden and adopted a new dog for my daughter and we got rabbits. I think the whole world did whatever it took to survive being stuck at home and for me it was animals and plants. Oh and I worked full time and home schooled.

Anyway, I have learned a lot over the last few months. A lot is an understatement actually. So I wanted to share for anyone else that is thinking of getting a rabbit, getting several rabbits, showing rabbits, or just curious about rabbits. There is so much you have to learn and know! So I want to share along the way.

Getting Started With Rabbits and What You Need To Know

What kind of rabbits do you want?

So there are lots of breeds of rabbits. Similar to dogs. Research them all. Their temperament, their care, their size, their needs, if you want to show one day what kind show we’ll, etc. Here are some great resources.

We decided on the Mini Rex for several reasons, they are soft, sweet, stay small and we can show them if we decide to.

Pet or Hobby?

Will you want this as an indoor pet or as a hobby and will breed them?

To Spay or not to Spay?

Well that can be answered by the above question. If you want a pet only you should stay or neuter your pet rabbit. They are easier to train and calmer and I’ve heard they can live with others of either sex much easier and less aggressive that way. Plus the obvious, no baby bunnies.

Where to buy?

Ok this is a big one. There are so many options so please do your research. Trade shows have a bad rap for selling rabbits that are not well cared for and who knows what they came from. Adoption from a shelter or rescue is a great idea if you plan to have as a pet. Usually they spay and neuter as a part of the process. If you are going to breeders I cannot stress enough that you need to do research. I first bought from a farm outside of Houston. He seemed very knowledgeable and had hundreds of chickens and rabbits. I said I wanted mini rex. I brought 4 home. Turns out 2 were not mini rex or at least not full mini. One was 7 pounds by 16 weeks. Mini Rex weight about 5/6 pounds full grown and she was mean. More about that later. The other I found out in a rabbit group was a Chinchilla. I had to google that. Pet stores are too expensive and their rabbits are not used to the rough life so be prepared.

We started with small cages in our rooms and it was so messy, so I moved them to the garage with fans but then our whole house smelled of pee and poop even with daily cleanings. So we bought a hutch and moved them outside. So now my only expenses are hay and pellets. I needed a few things to start: water bottles to hang on the cages, hay holder, pellet holder, porcelain bowls for veggies.

Getting Started With Rabbits and What You Need To Know

Are you ready? Supplies!

If you live in an area like me where the summers are brutal be sure to get fans or have ways to keep them cool. They are sensitive to heat.

I wasn’t expecting that!

Remember I mentioned the 7 pound 16 week old. We called her the devil. She ripped me to shreds ever time I tried to handle her. I was constantly in bandages so we got rid of her. She wasn’t what we wanted to begin with but was perfect for another family. Now we have the sweetest little group of mini rex rabbits that love to be held and loved on.

I also wasn’t expecting how much they poop. Like a lot! So be prepared to clean a lot of poop and that is why outside is best. About twice a week I go scoop it up. I found out their poop is great for gardens so that works well.

What we learned

In the end we love our buns and are loving watching them grow! We love on them daily! They are the sweetest little pets! Definitely something to consider!

Stay tuned to see more about our bunny journey and follow them on Instagram: @BunnyLifeRules

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