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For many, purchasing the perfect gift to make him smile is a puzzle. You want a gift that communicates just how special the man in your life is. A gift can reveal how we think of the person receiving the gift, and is believed to be indicative of our underlying values and ideals. Choosing a gift can be a stressful situation, but with this guide you will feel a little more prepared when you make a choice, and can avoid grabbing a last minute gift card. 

Determining Interests

Chances are, you already know quite a bit about the special men in your life. Pay close attention to their hobbies and actively listen when conversing. Often people subconsciously drop clues about what they want, need, or are looking to purchase. Maybe your father enjoys fishing and is eyeing a new fishing rod. It is probable that your brother who enjoys working on his home needs a new miter saw. From some basic observations, you may be able to tell a lot about him. Notice what advertisements or commercials draw his attention when you are relaxing together, and this will help guide your decision.

Unique Gift Ideas

Gift-Buying Guide for the Men in Your Life

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We all know a quirky guy. For the man who likes to have fun and be different, you might consider a more unique gift. If you have a dinosaur fan, consider a dinosaur themed mug set to make him smile at his morning brew. You may want a gift that continues year round through a subscription service. There are a slew to select from: wine crates, whiskey tasting boxes, a monthly supply of snacks delivered to his door, or a selection of smoothies for the more health conscious guy. If he has a knack for DIYing, let him try his hand at cooking with a tamale kit. It will certainly surprise him!

Homemade and Heartfelt

Sometimes less is more. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to make someone feel happy and loved. A favorite home cooked meal from childhood and movie of his choice can be thoughtful and very appreciated. A handmade card shows time investment, and care, and is a wonderful keepsake. You can even try learning a new skill or using one you already have to create a quilt, blanket, or special keepsake just for him. Remember, it is the thought that counts


Any man will also appreciate a good item of clothing. Most people look for pieces that are comfortable, feel good, and look good. For a guy who spends his days in a suit, consider a versatile shirt or other outerwear to get him into the outdoors and fresh air. You can also consider a pair of boots to help complete his outfit and give his daily wardrobe a little different flair. If he wants to focus more on his health, a new pair of work-out shoes is a gift to show you support him and his well-being. 

Regardless of the amount of money you spend, or time you may or may not have to devote to getting him a gift, giving him something that communicates a real understanding and awareness of him will certainly make him feel appreciated.

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