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As parents, we have more incentive than ever to prioritize our health. As well as needing us to be mentally sharp against things like external dangers, our kids require us to harness copious amounts of energy to play, take them out, and generally give them a great life. 

Yet, many parents emerge from those first years of parenthood with way more health hang-ups than they had in their pre-child days. As well as impacting our ability to meet our children’s needs, these often escalating issues can take their toll on our lives and outlooks in general.

There are some pretty common parental health complaints, and we’re going to consider them here to talk truly about what you can do to stop them from escalating beyond control.

Strains in a variety of places

Children can cause a surprising amount of strains that could become lasting problems if you ignore them. Even just carrying a child for extended periods can cause lower back issues. Equally, the need to bend down into a cot, get down on the floor, or even just play more physically than you might otherwise can all result in cricks and pains that are easily overlooked.

In reality, though, that niggle in your back could, over time (and a lot more carrying) lead to issues including trapped nerves and ongoing pain. As soon as these niggles start, it’s therefore crucial to reduce carrying where possible and to seek the help of a physio with experience in injuries of this nature. 

A lack of self-care

It’s all too easy to let your wellness slide when you have kids. After all, as long as they’re happy, you’ll be happy. Right? Not necessarily. In reality, the majority of women with mental health problems are parents, and the two issues aren’t totally separate. Parents particularly report issues including depression or anxiety.  

A lack of self-care is often to blame and is something that’s best tackled by just taking time for you. Making an effort to have at least one afternoon child-free a week to do things like go for a walk, have a facial, or even just relax can have a huge positive impact. Equally, Adult Counseling and Therapy Services could help you to start reprioritizing your wellness. That’s sure to have a huge benefit on life at home. 

Poor diet

The need to constantly cook for kids who eat early can see many adults picking or eating something quick later on. This poor diet can lead to weight gain and a multitude of health issues. 

To overcome the curse of parental eating, adopt healthier habits like meal prep which keep better options within easy reach. Making an effort to adjust your mealtimes to accommodate family means can also prevent that picking habit, as well as bringing the whole family together for freshly cooked, wholesome food from now on.

Being a parent is a blessing, but it can also be a curse on your health in general. Tackle these problems today to put your health first at last. 

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