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High Five: Cultivating Aspirations to Fuel Your Child’s Future

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You are an astute parent always searching for what will best benefit your little bundle of joy. Your mission, should you accept it, involves deciphering his or her dreams, hopes, and aspirations before providing creative ways of supporting them.

Fostering Creativity: Garage Band

Who needs Mozart when your living room could become home to its very own mini Mick Jagger or Beyoncé? Fostering creativity by turning the garage into a jamming arena may just be enough to inspire your young artist’s musical aspirations. Introduce them to various musical instruments, and let them choose their favorite. Purchase microphone cables, laptop or mixer software and possibly soundboard recording capabilities so you can record their performances. Remember, your role here is not to guide them into becoming the next star on “America’s Got Talent.” At first, forming a band may seem like an intimidating prospect – it will certainly be loud and uncomfortable at first! But giving children space to express themselves creatively while enjoying making noise (yes, at first it will likely sound awful!) may just open them up to melodies and rhythms they love. Remember this is about nurturing creativity rather than producing superstars; who knows; your garage band could become the next Billboard chart-topper!

Nurturing the Love for Learning: The Walking Encyclopedia

Kids often ask endless questions each day. Take advantage of their natural curiosity to foster learning by transforming your home into an ever-evolving encyclopedia! Purchase books, documentaries and science kits that cover a range of subjects – from why the sky is blue to how pizzas are prepared (extra pepperoni please!). Make every day feel like school day without the homework hassle! Be patient and answer their queries as accurately as possible, or better yet, learn together! When your child sees that you enjoy learning something new they will likely feel excited to join in as well.Remember the goal here isn’t to raise another Einstein but rather nurture lifelong learners who know about various subjects – who knows – maybe one day they could even make it on “Jeopardy!”

Envisioning Entrepreneurship: The Mini-Mogul

Business doesn’t just belong to adults – even young kids can experience its thrills. Start small with lemonade stands, yard sales or Etsy stores as ways of exploring their entrepreneurial spirits! Teaching them the value of money, importance of hard work, and excitement of making sales. Encouraging them to develop their own products, set prices for them, and market their wares is invaluable experience. This activity provides both an introduction to business principles, as well as an opportunity for them to express their creativity and innovation. Don’t worry – you aren’t grooming them for Wall Street (yet!); rather, what you are doing is instilling in them the confidence to take initiatives, persevere through obstacles, and experience the satisfaction of creating something of their own. Who knows; maybe your backyard could become home for the next big startup founder!

Supporting Sportsmanship: Nurturing The Little Olympian

Engaging your child in sports is more than just about staying active and healthy; it teaches them invaluable values like teamwork, discipline, perseverance and sportsmanship that they will take with them throughout life. No matter if it’s soccer, basketball, swimming or even chess – any activity on the field (or board) offers children an invaluable learning opportunity about winning and losing gracefully and with dignity. Encourage them to try different sports until they find one they enjoy and stick with it even when things become tough. Keep this in mind; it’s not about raising the next Serena Williams or Lebron James;  but teaching children this valuable life lesson will remain with them long after a match has ended.

Encourage Environmental Consciousness

Our world needs more Greta Thunbergs! Help fuel their passion for nature by teaching them about recycling, organic farming or simply appreciating nature.

As parents, you are the architects of their future success; as dream cultivators you must ensure these seeds receive all of the nourishment they require to grow into successful aspirations seeds for your child’s success. So here’s to you – may their aspirations soar higher than ever!

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