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How Music Can Improve Who You Are


Science says that music has the power to influence our lives greatly and help us improve our personalities.

According to various surveys and studies, it has been revealed that different kinds of music affect us in different ways. For example, romantic songs help resurface our romantic feelings and brighten our mood. Similarly, patriotic songs enhance and bring up the love we have for our country.

Similarly, sad songs can even make us sad even if we are sitting smiling. If you wonder how music can have such a profound impact on your mood then have a look at this study. It highlights the role of music in our life while detailing how i can enhance our mood.

Let’s have a look at how music can enhance our lives:


  1. Improves A Person’s Perspective To See And Feel


In a study to impact the influence of music, 20 students were experimented upon with FMRI technology as they were made to listen to short music clips of different genres. The aim of the study was to observe the reaction of familiar and unfamiliar music on the students and inquire about their taste in music as per their neural patterns.

The result of this study was surprising and it was concluded that students who were more empathy towards others had a greater reaction in their brain than students who did not feel any empathy for others.

The study revealed that the reward centers of the brain of those who were more empathic in nature had higher levels of activity in their brains when they listened to their favorite music.

This proves that music is associated with feelings and can help improve your perspective towards things.

This is also why people who listen to music are better at socializing and making friends.


  1. Increases Empathy

According to this study, listening to music can help enhance our empathic reactions to a great degree. It is important for a person to be empathic because it makes a person humble, caring, and down to earth because empathy is all about sharing another’s feelings and understanding their point of view.

Check this list of songs known to make people cry. It shows the kind of power music has on our mind. It can evoke different emotions and show us our true self.


  1. Reduces Stress

It’s said that music is the food for the soul. This statement is now backed with a plethora of studies, facts, and surveys that prove the importance of music in our lives.

Listening to music that you like helps regulate the flow of blood. Many studies say it has the same impact on our body as statins. Moreover, it is also associated with reducing the stress hormone that goes by the name of cortisol.

An interesting thing about music is that it can also help reduce physical or mental pain. This is the very reason that many individual who are undergoing an heartbreak often turn to listening to music.

Lastly, many doctors recommend their patients to listen to music they like before undergoing a major surgery so that their stress levels are improved. While there are no figures on the kind of impact music has on pain, it is believed that it can put you in a state where you don’t feel much physical or emtional pain as your brain is too busy enjoying rhythm.


  1. Improves The Functioning Of Vital Organs

An interesting study was conducted among 272 premature babies which involved making them listening to music. The result was rather surprising because it helped improved their breathing and heart rate.

The music they were made to listen included lullabies from parents and instrumental music performed by a music therapist. These babies were given a music therapy thrice in a week as they were recovering in a neonatal ICU.

The lullabies had a better result compared to instrumental music and it also worked on the parents as it helped reduce their stress levels as they sang.


  1. Improves Compassion

A study was published in the journal of University of Cambridge which revealed that people who listen to music are more compassionate than people who do not enjoy music.

This study was done on several 8 – 11 year old children and they were made to listen to music. Music helps you relate with others. You are more likely to be friends with people who have the same taste in music as you. Hence, music also helps bridge the gap and brings people closer.


The Conclusion

Music serves as a great remedy whether you are in pain, anger, or sorrow. It helps you become soft and allow you to feel more for others and have a good perspective towards life.

There are different kinds of music. Listen to it all and see what works for you.


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