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I love sending good old fashioned snail mail to friends and family. Something about getting something in the mail that makes you smile and knowing someone spent a little extra time to send you something to lift your spirits. Since I got my Cricut Joy that is one of my favorite things to make. I’ve been a card making machine making custom cards on the Cricut Joy App.

At first, I would only use the ready to make templates until I discovered I could customize! Did you know you don’t have to limit yourself to the ready to make cards in the Cricut Joy App when you want to create a card? I was so excited when I discovered I could make a custom card on the Cricut Joy App! The possibilities became endless! You can add text to add a name or a simple word like You’re to the awesome design! Add a fun image. You can choose if you want to cut a design or draw a design or a little of both.

So, I am excited to share with you how to make custom cards on the Cricut Joy! Pictures are worth a thousand words so here are some visual examples to guide you through creating your custom card.

How To Make Custom Cards On The Cricut Joy


Cricut Joy Insert Cards

Cricut Joy

Cricut Markers and Pens (I used the glitter gel pens)

Cricut Card Mat

Click on Design Your Own Custom Insert Card
Click on Start Designing
Choose your card size and orientation

Now it is time to customize!

Click Add Image Type in what you want to see. You can search for an item or a word
For example, the word “awesome” or the item like “butterfly”
How To Make Custom Cards On The Cricut Joy
I searched for a butterfly and added it to my card. Click on the scissors to make it a cut image or the pencil to make it a drawing.
How To Make Custom Cards On The Cricut Joy
Searching for the word awesome brings up images with the word awesome in it.
How To Make Custom Cards On The Cricut Joy
Add the design and move it around. Choose to cut or draw. I prefer to draw the words.

Now you are ready to make it!

How To Make Custom Cards On The Cricut Joy
  • Choose your material- I use cardstock
  • Choose your mat – Preferred is the card mat by Cricut
  • Check card size
  • Choose the pen size
  • Once done click Make It
How To Make Custom Cards On The Cricut Joy
How To Make Custom Cards On The Cricut Joy

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