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If you’re looking at your backyard and wishing it could be a lot more hospitable for your household, then there are certainly some changes you could make to the space.

When it comes to the outdoors, kids nowadays don’t get enough fresh air. It’s not like the generations before that existed without the use of the internet or electronics in general. For younger generations, they’ve grown up with technology and don’t always have that longing for getting outside.

Here are a few tips to make your backyard kid-friendly this year.

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Add in a treehouse or playhouse on the ground

If you’re really looking to provide your kids with an opportunity for adventure, consider adding a treehouse or playhouse into the space. Treehouses are a little more challenging to do but if you have a tree that is sturdy enough and would fit a treehouse, then it’s a great project for the kids to enjoy.

Alternatively, you might want to lead with safety first and build a playhouse that’s positioned firmly on the ground. Either way, a treehouse or playhouse is a great way to enjoy the creative play that kids can have in these spaces.

Get them involved with gardening

Gardening is something you want them to be actively involved in, especially as it sparks their interest in nature in general. Every time you go out to do some gardening, take your kids along with you. Explain to them the differences between a blue point juniper and a panicle hydrangea.

While they might not always be engaged in the background of plants and flowers, they’ll surely have fun helping plant new flowers into the ground and weed other ones.

Get some chickens 

Another way to make your backyard kid-friendly and get the little ones more involved in the outside world is to get some chickens. You’ll need to make sure you have the time and the space to take care of them properly, so research is key – you’ll need a safe coop and an automatic chicken feeder to start with, and you’ll also need to know exactly what food to give the birds. However, this could be a great way to teach your kids some responsibility and ensure they get fresh air (and fresh eggs!), so it’s worth considering.

Cover your pond or swimming pool properly

To help protect your kids when playing outside, and any pets you might have running around, be wary of the dangers of water. Whether you have a swimming pool, a pond, or both, it’s critical to cover these areas properly.

Even a small depth of water could be fatal for young children, so it’s good to cover your swimming pools with secure pool lining. The same goes for pools, although a mesh cover might be the preferred choice to still enjoy the beauty of the pound.

Clear up any clutter that they could trip over

To help with additional safety when it comes to your garden area, clear up any clutter that could result in them falling over. Households collect a lot of clutter, especially when it comes to families of all sizes.

Make sure you’re clearing your clutter before it gets out of hand and causes injuries!

Choose kid-friendly textures in the garden

Finally, kid-friendly textures are always going to be more effective in your garden, especially when kids are prone to falling over easily. Falling onto grass or bark, for example, is going to be a much softer landing than falling on concrete.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can transform your backyard into an environment that’s kid-friendly this year and something to be enjoyed regularly.

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