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Ideas for making money from old kids clothing Part One

How to Use Ebay to sell kids clothing

I start Spring Cleaning early! I start in January! After all the new clothes and toys are unpacked from Christmas I always go through and clean out the old clothes. I always have bags full of clothing. I used to bag them and put them in the garage for “giving away.” The problem is I never gave them away. While my intentions were good, I either never got around to giving them to the people or the people did not want them. It AMAZES me when people do not want free clothes! I personally LOVE second hand clothes. So that does not make sense to me. So I started looking for ways to get rid of the clothes and help my family at the same time.

Idea #1 : Use Ebay

I have bought a lot of clothing off of ebay. You may, like me, think that it is very hard to sell on ebay. But it is not!

  1. You set up an account
  2. go to “sell” and list your items
  3. Come up with a great title. Many people search by titles. Be as specific as possible. Example “Boys 24 month winter pants and tops Lot” OR if you have name brand clothing add some to the title like “Boys 24 month Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Gap Lot
  4. I have found that selling in “lots” is the best method for making money.  I always make more when I put a group of clothes together that are like season, sizes, and styles. Do not make a lot that is a mixture of sizes or seasons (sweaters and swim suits). People are looking for what they need right now!
  5. Price it right. If you start the auction to high people will not bid. If you do not want to sell your lot of 15 pieces of Gap clothing for .99 then place a reserve on it. That means that if the final bid does not reach your reserve price then you can re list.
  6. Add shipping. You may want to visit your post office and do research on the weight and options first. You can also use the tool on ebay to estimate shipping totals. The buyer is responsible for the shipping.
  7. Pick your length of time for the auction. I have not found that the long or short methods work better so use which ever you prefer. The plus side of having a longer option is that more people have time to see it!
  8. Sit back and watch the bids come in!
  9. When it’s over: Send an invoice through ebay to the winner. Wait for them to pay. Then you can print a shipping label from your computer on the ebay site. OR you can write down all the info for the post office. Box your items nicely (this can be done while waiting for auction to end). Place your label on the box and take it to the post office.
  10. All DONE!

Stay tuned for more ways to make money from the kids’ closets.

Also check out  Thred Up an online kids swap site!

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