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Of all of the parts of your garden, the one that seems to always require the most work is your lawn. Mowing it, watering it, and making sure that it’s healthy, it requires constant care. And even if you do all of your chores right, sometimes it might still seem like problems are cropping up. For that reason, we’re looking at some of the most common lawn complaints and what you can do about them.=

Weeds, weeds, and more weeds

If you spot a single weed in or around your lawn, you should snatch it out as quickly as possible. The main problem with weeds is how quickly they spread. If you have weeds popping up all throughout the garden, then you might want to look at starting from scratch by scarifying your lawn and then planting grass seed after the fact. You can use weedkillers, but it’s never very good for the environment.

A mossy undergrowth

If the grass feels spongy underfoot and your grass is starting to get patchier, then you should reach down to see if you can pick up any moss. When that happens, the first thing you should do is use moss killer and then rake up the moss, before planting seeds in the spots where the grass hasn’t grown due to suffocation. However, you should also look at installing the appropriate drainage to make sure that excess moisture doesn’t lead to moss growth again.

Grass isn’t growing through

If you have planted new grass seed and you’re doing everything that you can (such as watering it every day and avoiding stepping on it), but it’s still not growing, that can be a serious hassle. It’s usually the fault of the soil, but before you worry too much about the pH or the soil’s chemistry, lawn aeration might be worth looking into. Sometimes, you need to simply break up the soil a little to let out the trapped carbon dioxide and allow oxygen to get in there more easily.

Pest problems

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell what wildlife you should welcome into your garden as bringing biodiversity and which of them are pests that can ruin your lawn. Ants are some of the most common lawn pests and can do the most damage. However, you should take efforts to identify which pests you’re dealing with as the solutions differ from pest to pest. Be aware of what in your garden could be attracting pests and what you do to mitigate those, as well.

Uneven growth

Uneven growth that isn’t caused by weeds, lawn impaction, or moss, is usually due to the fact that you have shade. Getting rid of the cause of shade, such as trimming a tree or simply moving an object out of the way of the grass can help. However, you shouldn’t worry too much about growth in really shady spots, as there isn’t much you can do. It might be the perfect place for a garden ornament.

If the tips above don’t work, then you might need to look at bringing out a lawn specialist to diagnose that problem for you. Otherwise, your lawn might get worse and worse-looking with time.

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