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Mango Salsa Using Kraft Pourables Anything Dressing {#anythingdressing #cbias}

For our Spongebob Party I searched for the perfect fruity and creative recipes and snack ideas. While searching I discovered that Kraft had changed up their dressing packaging to say “Anything Dressing.” This got the wheels turning in my head. What could I create with the help of dressing? I had never thought of using dressing for more than salads but that was a brilliant idea! I discovered Walmart was having fun  Pourables Dressing Demonstrations . That would be awesome but my store was set to do it next week and I needed ideas now.  I found dozens of great dressing recipes on the Kraft Anything Dressings website. You must check it out! It is full of creative ideas! Did you know you can tweet @kraftdressing with the hashtag #dresscipe and #AnythingDressing along with an ingredient and have a new meal idea sent to you? I did that and they recommended a dip from their website.

That is where I found my inspiration. I wanted a dip that was fruity but spicy. Sounds crazy but we love spicy foods in my family. I discovered a Peach Salsa using Vinaigrette Kraft Dressing. It sounded like the perfect balance of what I was looking for and worked great with the Spongebob Theme.

So I went shopping to get all that I needed. It looked so easy with the Kraft Pourables!  I was blown away by all of the Kraft Dressings at Walmart and I actually bought more than what I needed because I wanted to try them all!  The possibilities of making dips and dishes with the huge selection of Kraft dressings is endless! Walmart is my favorite place to go but sometimes it lets me down. You can read all about that shopping trip here. On that day they did not have peaches! I was stunned! But out of that huge disappointment came a brilliant new idea! MANGOS! I saw the mangos and knew I had to try that! So plan B  was create my own Mango Salsa using the dressing.

Ingredients needed for 1 small batch (Use the same ratios to create larger dishes of the salsa):

1 ripe mango

1 tablespoon basil leaves

1 tablespoon onion (I used white)

1 tablespoon fresh jalapenos (Use less or more to reach your desired spice level)

2 tablespoons Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette by Kraft


1. Peel the Mango & Chop into squares

2. Add your basil to the mango squares

3. Add onion and jalepenos

4. pour in and toss the ingredients in the Vinaigrette



This Mango Salsa was the HIT of the party! Everyone loved it and wanted to the recipe. I just smiled knowing it was so crazy easy and only took about 10 minutes to create. They also had no idea that my secret ingredient was a Kraft Dressing!

It has this fabulous balance of sweet and spicy! It just blends so well together. We used chips and wheat crackers to dip in the salsa. I saw some people add it to their salads. There are so many fun ways to use the Mango Salsa. I would like to try it on my grilled chicken or for tacos. I am so excited that all of those events lead up to the creation of Mango Salsa. This will now be one of my signature dips! It’s fast, easy, healthy and delicious! Best of all was seeing everyone eyes light up with each taste!

For more on using Kraft Pourable Anything Dressings visit Anything Dressing website ,#anythingdressing and  @KraftDressing on Twitter, Kraft on Facebook  And look for a Demonstration at a Walmart near you here.

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and  Kraft  #CBias #SocialFabric All opinions and ideas are mine and honest.

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  1. Thanks for the recipe. My husband is a HUGE salsa fan and loves to try all different kinds!

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