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Personal Trainer Food Review – Food For Weight Loss

Disclosure: I received a Personal Trainer Foods in exchange for my review. This is an honest review and I only share companies and products that I am passionate about and confident in.

Welcome to the first week of 2017! YEAH! As I mentioned in my Well, Hello There 36! post I am putting my health front and center this year. I wasn’t sure how exactly to get started until I discovered Personal Trainer Food. Then I knew that was the answer! I am excited to share this food for weight loss program with you!Personal Trainer Foods Review - Food For Weight Loss: Does it work? Find out here! Looking for a Personal Trainer Food coupon or discount? We've got one!

As a working mom and wife cooking is so hard for me. My husband works crazy hours so it is usually me and the kids home at dinner time. I am always cooking things that they like and not necessarily what is good for me. That usually means that I end up eating what they are eating and forgetting about what I should be eating. I turn for the easy dinners like Tuna Helper or other box meals. Easy is the key around here.

Personal Trainer Foods Review - Food For Weight Loss: Does it work? Find out here! Looking for a Personal Trainer Food coupon or discount? We've got one!That is why I loved the idea of Personal Trainer Food. Personal Trainer Food is a 28 day healthy, weight loss meal plan. But not only is it a plan, they cook and deliver my foods to me! They deliver  real, natural, great tasting foods! This includes meats, vegetables, eggs, cheese, and nuts. All the food is fresh cooked then flash frozen to lock in the tenderness and great taste. There are no processed fillers like rice or noodles. Plus, these are not TV dinners or dehydrated products, it’s REAL food you get to mix and match individually packaged meats and vegetables for every meal.

I was excited at the idea of REAL food, that I like, and preparing it in only minutes! My box arrived on time and had everything included that I needed to start right away! It is not like other delivery services that only include the entree and you have to go by all the sides. NO! They include the sides too! My box was full of delicious veggies that go with the entrees! They even include delicious sauces! Personal Trainer Foods Review - Food For Weight Loss: Does it work? Find out here! Looking for a Personal Trainer Food coupon or discount? We've got one!

Each bag has the instructions printed on it so you know how to prepare it. And by prepare I mean- put it in the microwave! It seriously is SO EASY! personal trainer foods - food for weight loss

So how does the food taste? It tastes like I spent time prepping and cooking it! It is fresh and delicious! It does not taste like it came out of the freezer and in to the microwave! The meals are incredible! It tastes home cooked! personal trainer foods - food for weight loss

There is a great variety of foods! Entree foods include Teriyaki Chicken, Meatballs, Tenders, Chicken Sticks, Breaded Chicken, and SO MUCH MORE! See the full menu here. Veggies are bright and fresh! Breakfast foods include maple sausage, bacon, omelets, frittatas, egg patties, and more! Then there are snacks! Almonds, Pistachios, String Cheese, Teriyaki Sticks, Olives and more! personal trainer foods - food for weight loss

So what is the plan on Personal Trainer Foods? You eat the meals they send you.  Then you walk. They encourage you to walk 2000 steps a day. They encourage you to not eat fruit except apples. You get 14-28 days of food depending on what you choose and it is enough to keep you supplied for the entire 14-28 days! Unlike other plans where you pay for the subscription but still have to go shopping! All you really need to add to this plan are your drinks.Personal Trainer Foods Review - Food For Weight Loss

SO this week I HAVE lost weight! I am so excited! You have to stay tuned for my weekly weigh in to see how much. That will be live on Friday. And you will be shocked and what I lost using Personal Trainer Foods. This program and food for weight loss is the way to go!

Looking for a Personal Trainer Food coupon or discount? We’ve got one just for Living on Love and Cents readers! Use code  HEATHER100 and it provides $100 off of a 28-day plan.

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Find out more about Personal Trainer Food here and Follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.










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  1. I love that everything you need is included and you don’t have to go shopping. Also, I like how the nuts are prepackaged in the correct servings. The food looks yummy and it takes the pressure off of trying to figure out what to eat to lose weight. I need to look into this program. Good luck!

  2. This sounds like a great way to manage what you eat, loose weight but not have to think about it. Pre -planning is essential for any weight loss plan and this is the ideal solution for busy people. Good luck Heather, looking forward to watching your progress!

  3. Nice that everything is individually packed and sealed. If you don’t have the time to cook or don’t like to cook this would be great.

  4. Personal Trainer Foods sounds like a great weight loss meal plan program. I love that it only takes minutes to prepare the meals. It is great that you eat the meals then walking 2000 steps a day. It seems like a great weight loss plan. Thanks for sharing this weight loss plan.

  5. I like how the instructions are printed on the bags. I will have to give Personal Trainer Foods a try. I have been looking for a way to boost my weight loss.

  6. My husband is currently on a health kick changing his eating habits. This would be so perfect for him.

  7. I love how simple they make meal planning! I’m all for anything that keeps me from having to go to the grocery store every day!

  8. Love this idea! Simple and easy to prepare! A great box for busy people, perfect!

  9. This sounds great, love that everything is already pre-measured and packaged ready to go! [www.kendallrayburn.com]

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