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Planning a Family Vacation that Everyone Will Love

When you’re single, you can go on any vacation you like and do anything your heart desires, so an amazing time is pretty much guaranteed. However, when you have a family, things can be a bit more tricky. You have several people all with their own likes and dislikes who are expected to go on the same vacation and enjoy it. It doesn’t always work out that way.

The good news is, there are lots of things you can do to plan a family vacation that everyone is sure to love. Let’s take a look at a few of them right now…

Choose a versatile location

When it comes to planning a family vacation, the location is a really important factor to consider. If you want everyone to have an amazing time, then you need to try and find a location that has a lot of different things to do so that everyone can have a chance to do activities they love at least for part of the vacation.

For example, Starpoint Resorts in Big Bear is a great destination because it has lots of options from hiking to zipline activities and even fine dining resorts. Think about what each of your values most in a vacation and try to choose a location that meets as many o your needs as possible.

Do a shorter trip

If your family vacations often end in arguments, then you might want to consider taking a shorter trip. Although long vacations sound like a dream (and they can be) when you have kids in tow, it can often be more harmonious if you kee trips to just a few days, That way, no one gets too tired or too bored and the tantrums and squabbles are kept to a minimum. It’s also good because you can take more short trips, which means you get to explore even more destinations together. 

Choose spacious accommodation

Sure, it is possible to save money by booking a small family hotel room for your family to squeeze into, but In the interests of family harmony and having the most enjoyable vacation possible, nest time you go off traveling together, you might want to think about hiring a suite or even a whole vacation apartment. The more space you have,t eh less likely you are to get on each other’s nerves, and the easier it will be to get young ones to sleep while also allowing older members of the family to enjoy a relaxing evening without having to be too quiet! 

Take turns to choose

Taking turns to choose everything from your choice of restaurant to which activities you do throughout the day is much fairer and will ensure that everyone gets to have a few fun memories of the vacation. Sure you might not love the theme park with the scary rollercoasters, but equally, your family might not love the pottery museum you’re dying to see, and a good family vacation is all about making fair compromises.

Have an amazing family vacation!

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