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A little while back I shared why I needed to find a cheap wireless plan. It was especially important for this year’s back to school season as my daughter was becoming more independent. Especially with the big move we were fixing to make. I shared a video of me getting started with the Galaxy SII and Walmart Family Mobile Plan.

Make sure you have read the original post and how I got started on the Walmart Family Mobile Plan. Now fast forward 2 months to today. I am excited to update you on the service and price! I was so impressed that I actually went and bought another Galaxy SII and got my husband on the plan. Here is our actual AT&T bill from August (2 lines, unlimited text, 750 shared minutes, data plab with overage fees) and our actual Walmart Family Mobile Plan bill for September (unlimited everything).


Can you say WOW? I had people ask from the first post if I would share what hidden fees showed up on the bill. Like me, most of you were skeptical. Well take a closer look at that bill. NO hidden fees! Yay!


After we moved it mas more important than ever to stay connected with my husband and daughter. We have now all 3 switched to the Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Plans. It was a no brainer. And with the money we are saving we can go out to eat every week. If you are in a budget like me then you know how rare that is! It is a treat for us all!

I was worried abou the service whem we moved. We wondered how the coverage would be in Louisiana. Amazingly it still was awesome! We have had to make triple the calls and texts during the last month. And we haven’t paid a dime more for it! When my daughter goes somewhere new I do not have to worry as much) because I know she can reach me and I can reach her!

Its really is the most affordable and best wireless plan!

Now that you have all the facts would you try this plan for your family?

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