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As you get older your priorities change and also there are things you need to start taking more seriously. Your 20s are for fun, going wild and getting set up career-wise for your life. However, you can always change careers at any point but normally you will start your career and choices of what you want to do in your 20s. However, when you turn 30, they are certain things that you need to prioritise and start to incorporate into your routine and daily habits.

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Regular exercise is a must

As we get older it’s harder and harder to get ourselves in good shape. We may find that we’re not in great shape as we go into our 30s but it’s also the time that you’ll start to see issues with your health-related to your weight if you have got a considerable amount on. That could be things like arthritis, gut issues, and so many others. a great thing to do. If you don’t already, make sure you’re raising your heart rate regularly and working out. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be something that you enjoy. There are so many options out there of what you can do from yoga to aerial classes from swimming to just simply going to the gym. It’s individual to you and what you enjoy doing and also watch the experience you have of exercise and how fit you are. You can start slow and just do something once a week and then build up but you’ll start to see noticeable changes and differences in yourself once you incorporate this into your routine.

Plan what will happen to you just in case

It’s not a nice thing to think about, but as we get older, we need to think about what will happen to us if the unthinkable happens. And this is even more important if you have kids, you need to have a Will in Place to make sure all your wishes are met and also to put who will be watching and looking after your kids if you’re around. Some funeral directors also allow you to set up a payment plan earlier on in life where you can make small payments to go towards covering the cost of your funeral, which also leaves one less thing for your family to worry about. Well, they’re grieving and going through all that stress. You can also make sure that your preferences are with the funeral directors and you’re well things like if you want a burial or cremation if you want anything specific on your headstone, and also if you want anything particularly read out or a certain song played at your funeral.

Think about passive income

As we get older, we normally will plan for retirement and try to save up as much money as possible. But I could be for a house, a, or simply saving for your child’s future. One thing you can think about in your 30s and try to incorporate into your routine is having a passive income or even just a side hustle. And by making extra money, you can give yourself a more comfortable way of life and also put things in place to have an easy retirement at the end of your working life. Passive income is something where you initially will set up the new one and have little to no work after it’s set up, but you will still receive money and income from that thing. Could be seen as writing a book or a digital course and sending that to others, going into the property market and buying houses to rent out and even Investing in stocks and shares if you have a good amount that you can put into it.

Master the 80/20 rule of eating

Some people flip-flop on diets throughout their whole life. There are always fad diets and things that will give you an initial weight loss but never stick in the long run. People eat for stress, binge eats to deal with past trauma from childhood and so many other things. But simply just not having a good relationship with food. One way to make sure you have a good outlook on your diet and food is by incorporating the 80/20 rule. This way you don’t have cheat days or meals where you overindulge, you have a balanced diet where 80% is good and 20% is treated. This also helps you not be restricted to certain things or food groups. If you want a burger or glass of wine for dinner on a Saturday then go for it. 

Tick Things Off Your bucket list 

We are given things we want to do before we die and have added them to our bucket lists. Lots of people put things off and before they know it they are retired and haven’t made a dent in it. If you have never made a bucket list then now is the time to make it, it is essentially a list of everything you want to do in life before you die. It could be adventurous stuff like sky diving, bungee jumping or climbing a mountain, it could be travel related like visiting different places in the world or it could be something like moving to the countryside and having a farm. It is individual but normally in your 30s you will be progressing in your career and have a good financial situation so you can start investing in yourself and the things you want to accomplish. 

Start a family

If you have spent your 20s getting your career sorted, saving up money and finding the love of your life you could find yourself in the next stage ready to have a baby. So you could naturally have one, you could adopt and you could also try fostering to build your family unit. There is a lot to do in preparation for bringing another person into the world and your home so makes sure you are both 100% ready and committed.

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