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Transforming Our Garage Into A Sport Lovers Man Cave

man cave

This weekend we started transforming our garage to my husband’s “sports lover’s man cave.” He has been wanting to create his own space for years now. It is simply sheetrock that has not been floated on one side and the rest is finished sheetrock so nothing exciting is happening in there. I have claimed part of the space as my work area so it was only fair that I give him his area now. I wanted to share what we have done so far. We have spent a total of $2.50 so far. That is all! We only had to spend that for more nails.


My husband is a huge baseball fan! He has boxes and BOXES of baseball memorabilia. They include hundreds of baseball cards, newspapers, hats, jerseys, bats and so much more. We started by pulling out all of the baseball cards. They were already in the card holders from the binders he has. We pulled them all out and decided to make a wall of cards!

It was super easy but time consuming. We left them in the holders and started nailing.


and nailing…


and nailing! In the center we added in this awesome flag that I found at a garage sale a while back. IMG_5151

We left space  in this man cave above and below the baseball cards for framed posters and collector items.

Here is how our man cave looks right now.


We love it!


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