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Ways To Discipline Your Dog

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Dogs can experience behavior issues as they grow up and if you do not invest in the right tips to improve their behavior and discipline, it can cause them to be needy and disrespectful when they are older.

Therefore, use these tips in this guide to improve the behavior of your dog. 

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Invest in dog training

Investing in dog training is a great way for your dog to learn discipline. Although you can train them yourself at home or in the park, it won’t be as quick and efficient as using a professional trainer. They will know the best techniques to get your dog to listen and understand commands, making them better behaved.

Allowing your dog to attend training once a week or every day will speed up the process of improving their behavior and ensure that they remain well disciplined throughout their life.

Show more love to your dog

Making your dog feel loved will not only increase their happiness, but it will make them respect you and behave better. Cuddling them and giving them attention when you spend time with them will guarantee to improve their behavior and ensure they maintain respect and disciplined. 

Do not offer too much patience and cuddles as this can cause them to become fussy and needy. Instead, give it to them throughout the day to ensure they feel loved yet stay respectful and behaved. When you fuss over a dog too much, it can cause them to behave badly when you do not give them what they want (as they will always expect it).

Avoid shouting at your dog

If you want to discipline a dog properly, it is a good idea to avoid shouting at your dog as this can scare them and cause them to lose trust and respect for you.

When they do something wrong or out of their usual behavioral routine, it is a good idea to address it and ensure to give them quiet treatment so that they understand they are in the wrong. For instance, if you take them out for a walk and they miss behave instead of giving them a treat when you are home give them nothing so that they understand something is wrong.

Praise them when they behave well 

Dogs will learn and practice better behavior if you praise them whenever they behave well.

For instance, if they are respectful and calm when you have guests over, you can tell them and show them that they are behaving well through gestures and treats. They will recognise that they are doing something good which will encourage them to further behave in the same way. The more you praise them and the less you shout at them, the better discipline they will have.

Using these tips you can ensure to discipline your dog, no matter if they are a puppy or older. Improving their behavior and their respect will guarantee to make your life easier and ensure that they maintain a happy and healthy life.

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