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Smartphones are some of the most amazing bits of technology mankind has ever produced to date, and they’ve become so widespread that virtually everyone around much of the world now has one.

There are all sorts of great varieties of smartphones out there, and you can spend an entire day or more delving through resources to learn more about things like hearing aid compatible smartphones.

Unfortunately, for many people, their smartphones end up becoming a major source of frustration and distraction, and can undermine their ability to live each day in a positive and upbeat way.

In recent years, there have been various books and films made about the potential issues associated with addiction to digital tech devices and apps.

Fortunately, smartphones can also be used in ways that will significantly enhance your life.

Here are some ways to use your smartphone to make your life better on a day-to-day basis.

Use a motivational habit tracker app

The habits we have in life have the ability to massively influence how our day-to-day experience of the world around us plays out, in addition to influencing our success in various different arenas – including work.

Establishing good and uplifting habits can be extremely powerful and rewarding – but you need to be able to make them stick.

Fortunately, today, there are all sorts of highly motivating and “gamified habit tracker apps that can make it easy – and even fun – to keep up with your habits and to be motivated to “tick them off” each day.

The more you can ingrain the right habits in your life in this way, the better your life is likely to become across a broad range of different dimensions.

Begin listening to audiobooks

Today, there are a number of different audiobook apps and platforms available on most smartphones and tablets, that can allow you to experience the classics of literature, or fascinating non-fiction books, while folding the laundry or doing the dishes.

Because of their versatility, audiobooks can be extremely powerful, and can help you to learn, to explore new worlds of the imagination, and to enhance your experience of everyday life, without you necessarily having to find hours in your day to spend sitting down and reading a book.

Stay on top of your to-dos and appointments

Good task manager apps and calendar apps can often integrate together very well, and having these apps setup on your phone can allow you to stay on top of your to-dos and appointments without having to constantly worry and stress over those things, or to wonder whether you’ve forgotten something important.

Not only can these apps be motivating and engaging to use, but – depending on how well integrated they are with the particular ecosystem you are operating within – they can allow you to almost seamlessly keep track of many different obligations and appointments on a daily basis.

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