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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait for Him to Propose

For thousands of years, it has been an unwritten rule that men should always be the ones to propose in a relationship. And even now, when attitudes towards gender and equality are moving in the right direction, it is still incredibly uncommon to see a woman going down on one knee. In fact, only 3% of women have proposed to their partners.

But marriage, and relationships in general, are a two way street.This expectation is tied in with an extensive history of misogyny, sexism, and toxic masculinity. There is no reason why anyone should feel the need to follow these outdated traditions if they don’t want to.

If you love your partner and want to get married, why wait for him to ask you? You could be waiting years for all you know. What’s stopping you from taking action yourself and asking him to tie the knot? Just buy that Brilliant Earth engagement ring, take him to a special location, and pop the question.

If you’re still undecided, here are three great reasons to be the one to propose.

Reject old-fashioned stereotypes

Even in 2021, it is still incredibly uncommon to hear of a woman proposing to a man, and there are many old-fashioned people who turn their nose up at the idea. Attitudes to gender are improving, and movements like #MeToo have changed things for the better in many respects. But there is still a lot of work to be done. By proposing to your male partner, you can openly reject harmful stereotypes and take a stand against misogyny. After all, this rule comes from a time when women were seen as property and marriage was little more than a transfer of ownership from a father to a husband. It doesn’t matter who asks the questions. All that matters is you love each other and commit to spending the rest of your lives together.

Love is non-binary

The idea that men should propose to women is incredibly narrow-minded and doesn’t take into account any other gender identities or sexualities. Nearly one million households in the US comprise of same sex couples. In these relationships it doesn’t matter who proposes, so why should it matter in a male-female relationship? In addition, gender is not binary, as was once believed. Not everyone identifies as either male or female, so assigning the responsibility of proposal to a man alone is redundant.

Life is short

Another great reason not to wait is that life is short so you should make the most of it while you’re young. If you keep holding on for your partner to propose, how long will that take? If you want to buy a house or have kids in the future, these things take time so why not get a move on? Once you have tied the knot you can start building your life together and creating happy memories that will last a lifetime. 

In conclusion, there are several great reasons you should be the one to propose. You will be challenging outdated stereotypes and narrow minded views, and potentially encourage others to do the same. 

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