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When it comes to helping a loved one celebrate their special day, it isn’t always about the money you spend on them. It’s about the thought that goes into everything you do to ensure that they really enjoy the day that signals another full year of life and who they are.

Knowing you are loved and appreciated is something pretty much everyone wants from those around them, and being able to show it in understated ways on their big day, regardless of age, can speak volumes.

These little tips are great ways to help them feel loved on their birthday.

Personalise It

Whether you’re buying cards, decorations or even gift wrap, making things personalised in a way that tells them you care enough to know them and what they like will make more of an impact than a simple store-bought card that is generic. Personalising can mean adding their name or initials, incorporating their favourite colour or design, or even including a personal message or inside joke. If you want to go that extra mile and really get them something special, consider custom greeting card printing (you can use this for anything, not just birthdays) to help you create a one-of-a-kind card that is perfect for the recipient.

Let Them Decide

It can be really tempting to plan their day for them and have a whole host of things set up to make it fun and special. However, it might not be what they want. While some people will love that you went through all of this effort for them and will happily go along with your plans, others might not like this approach. So, it’s crucial to ask them beforehand how they wish to spend their birthday and what they would prefer to do. If they want to spend it alone, having a lazy morning in bed followed by breakfast at their favourite cafe, let them lie in until they’re ready, and then meet them for breakfast. If they want you to plan an epic day of fun, then go for it. But always ask them first and respect their wishes.

Little Extras

As mentioned, it’s not always about the gifts and what you spend; it’s about how you make them feel on their birthday. With this in mind, it’s those little things that will make all the difference. These ‘little things’ can be small gestures, acts of service, or thoughtful surprises that show you care. Maybe they usually drive when you go out for dinner, so they can’t have a drink? So then taking over driving duties or booking transport for your meal out can be a nice change of pace for them. It can be choosing their favourite place to eat out or take away so they don’t have to make the decision for you. It can even be doing the school run if you have kids, getting up with the dog first thing to let them relax and taking over the cooking and cleaning duties they usually do to give them a break. Think about the small things you can do to make their day easier and better, and show you care enough to ensure they are happy. These ‘little extras’ can make a big difference in making the person feel loved and appreciated on their birthday.

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