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A Fun & Free Way To Help Kids With Chores and Get Rewarded! (My Job Chart)

If you are a busy parent like we then you are likely always looking for ways to make life a little easier! What if you could make your life and your kids chore assignments easier? No more sticker charts, chalkboards and all the other neat things I have  tried. They always fail because they end up taking up to much time or the kids are not excited about them. BUT now there is an awesome FREE online site that is here to help! A Free online chore chart for kids– watch the intro video HERE

You start your free chore chart by setting up the family members and photos that allowed each person to log on easily. Then you move along to assign each person “jobs”. The jobs vary greatly! They have chores for young children, like brush your teeth and comb your hair. They range up to the high school aged level with jobs like babysitting and mow lawn. I love that some of the jobs are character building things like saying your prayers and writing grandma! I have not seen any system that was so varied in things that you would ask of your kids. This makes it perfect for parents who have kids of all ages.You can also choose how often you expect your child to do each thing. Whether it is a Monday-Friday thing, a weekend thing, once a month, or every day. There are lots of options to help customize your child’s chart.

My little girl is 5 so I choose things that were age appropriate. Her “jobs” for each day are saying prayers, brushing teeth, do homework, pick up toys, get dressed by herself and take a bath. That is very age appropriate. I love the cute little job icons. The point system is really neat too because we can decide which ones we feel are worth more. I will add in clean her room once a week after we are in a schedule with school. That is another great thing – you can add or take away jobs as you feel appropriate.

Next you can assign award. These also vary by age and what your child is passionate about. They also vary by price range. There are free chore rewards like computer time or baking cookies which are both rewards that would thrill my daughter! There are also elaborate rewards including Disney Land. Some family time rewards include camping and fishing. You can also chose a product for a reward. For each reward you choose the points required to get a reward. So if you have each job valued at 10 points and there are 4 jobs a day you have to do a little math and decide how often you want to offer rewards (example: as often as once a month or week). Or for the bigger rewards make it something that takes several months. For the younger kids, like my daughter, I think the rewards that come quickly are nice.

Now for the FUN part… Show your child! If they are like mine they will love that they have a chance to spend time on the computer! You show him or her how to log in. It is easy.Do to member log in and click on your photo. Each person has their own password. He or she will see her jobs that you assigned to him/her. If they can not read they can still see what it is from the cute icons. She will click on the jobs that she has done for that day and when she clicks done she will earn the points that you assigned to the job. All points are calculated and there is a running total on the right. They can also go to their store at any time and choose how they would like to spend their points.You will be able to see what they have done and what they have done with their points at any time as well as get instant notifications.

My favorite thing about this site is that it is FULL of family values! I can tell they the creators are parents and they are out to help you with those same values. I love that they offer rewards that are family and budget friendly. That helps teach your kids you do not need something expensive in return for doing things to help around the house. Also they jobs are not all “jobs”. Like the prayers and others that are more character building. Those mater to me and I am thrilled to see them on there!

I highly recommend MyjobChart to moms and dads! No mater what your child’s age or ability they can benefit from this free chore chart and system! If at any time you are unsure of how something works there are many great video tutorials. Check out this amazing site to help with chores now!  Make your household run a little smoother with My Job Chart. I know I am and I love it!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of My Job Chart. All opinions are 100% mine and 100% honest!


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