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Most of you know that I work from home. Many of you are now in the same position. Many of you may be spending the post-pandemic time rethinking your working situations. You may have discovered you love working from home.

Working from home has become a popular option for many employees, and it’s likely to get even more popular in the future. As we try our best to get back to normal, some employees are turning their attention to either starting their own businesses with the help of services similar to Bossless Forever or focusing on companies that offer work from home as an option for their employees. According to Forbes, one of the many changes to our working habits is remote working, with more companies accepting a work from home model, with 99% of workers preferring to work from home. 

While there has been a surge in start-up businesses, according to the Financial Times, countries like the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan have seen a surge in new businesses in the post-pandemic era, making it the perfect time for taking on a new venture. So, if you’re looking for the next step in your post-pandemic life, here are the best jobs for working from home: 

Virtual Assistant 

Virtual assistants have been around for a while now and is becoming more popular. A virtual assistant is someone who works remotely for an organization or business. For example, they help set up social media accounts, organize office lunches, make meetings, and schedule meetings with clients and vendors. 

Virtual assistants typically have a college degree in a related field such as business administration or communications, or they have 5-10 years of experience working in a similar position. However, some organizations allow applicants with no experience to take on virtual assistant jobs. 

Freelance Writer 

Working from home is an excellent option for freelance writers who need to be more creative and work on their own schedules. The freedom of working from home has its perks, and many companies, especially in marketing, are often searching for writers. 

This is by far the best option when it comes to working remotely. So if you want to work as a freelance writer, you can work at your own pace, which can help establish your personal routine while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Paralegal/Legal Assistant 

Employers are increasingly looking for paralegals who have experience with law firms, lawyers, and other similar organizations. This is because it will be easier for them to integrate into their office culture if they already have a background in these areas. Some virtual paralegals are often employed by law firms but can also work from home as independent contractors. 

Customer service Representative

Working from home as a Customer Service representative is growing in popularity. As a result, call centres and other customer service-based businesses are turning to freelance customer service representatives as they eliminate the need for office space, saving companies money on rent and other expenses. In addition to this, since customer service has expanded to social media, experience isn’t needed. 

These are just a few works from home opportunities open to those interested in venturing into remote working. If working for another company isn’t for you, you can also create your own business that allows you to work from home and be your own boss.

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