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Better Ways To Use Cheese In Your Meals

While cooking with too much cheese certainly can set the warning flares off for some people, there are very few easier ways to add real flavor to your meals, especially if your meals use white meat and are veggie-heavy. After all, you still need calcium, fat, and protein in your meals, and there are other benefits to cheese, such as reducing inflammation, improving gut health, and lowering your blood pressure. So, how do you use cheese a little more mindfully in your cooking rather than just grating a whole block into it? Here are a few suggestions.

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Serve it as a side, appetizer, or dessert

Few things are quite as versatile as cheese. You can cook with it, you can serve it with fruit at the beginning of a meal as an appetizer, or you can even serve a cheese tray as an afters. If you’re doing the latter, you want to make sure that you have a nice selection of cheeses, including some of the more fragrant types, and serve them with crackers. This way, you can nibble away at them without having to serve copious amounts. Perfect for when you want to host a dinner party.

Coat it over your chicken with some sauce

Cheese and chicken go extremely well together. There’s no shortage of recipes that makes use of this combination. However, if you’re trying to make moderation the key, then this recipe for homemade chicken parm might just be the thing that you’re after. A comfort meal pairing the crispness of bread with the flavor profiles of two kinds of cheese can make for a very hearty meal. It’s relatively easy to make, as well, so you don’t need to spend all day slaving in the kitchen.

Turn it into a sauce

When you’re trying to use cheese to flavor a meal, you can do it a lot more delicately than simply melting it down and pouring it over in thick layers. You can also cook cheese into a bechamel sauce, turning it into a mornay sauce. This mornay sauce recipe can go with all kinds of meals, especially those that favor green vegetables more heavily since the two tastes do go very well. You can get the nice tang of cheesy flavor without it being overpowering or particularly heavy in the carb department, as well.

Grill instead of melting it

Do you want to create a delicious gourmet burger experience or add a touch of cheese to a chicken or turkey burger without having to rely on melty cheese squares? Slice yourself a bit of halloumi and panela and then lightly grill it, instead of cooking it to a melting point. This way, you can enjoy the softness and flavor of the cheese much more fully without having it turn into a gooey mess. This trick goes well with serving any kind of cheese that’s a little more flavorful and pungent since you don’t want to cook those flavors away.

Cheese can have a well-earned and respectable place in your meal prep arsenal of tools. Hopefully, the ideas above proved that.

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