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Dating on a Dime – Day or Night

How long has it been since you and your “other half” were on a date? If you are like me you are sitting there trying to remember. Has it been that long? Seems like everyone is cutting back their spending and trying to save more. But it is so important that we continue some things like spending quality time with our significant other. Not only do we deserve it, we NEED it! Madame Deals and Living on Love and Cents have teamed up to bring you Dating on a Dime. Go here to see the previous posts.This week Living on Love and Cents is bringing us a great idea!

While trying to cut back and still getting out and adding sparks to your relationship you have to remember “dating is not just for Saturday night!”

Make it a “Date Day” instead of night. When you do this you can eat off of your favorite restaurant’s lunch menu instead of dinner menu. This will save you several dollars. Many restaurants have lunch menus on the weekend. I suggest you call around first to confirm which offer a weekend lunch menu.

While on your “Date Day” you can see a matinee. Save even more if you see the movies before noon! You can save a lot by going to an early movie. And as an added bonus most theaters are not as crowed during the day.

We actually did a “date day” this week. Weekdays are a great way to save if you can manage it! My husband works odd hours so weekdays work for us. But if you can not find someone to watch the younger kids on a weekday or your work schedule will not allow it, try Saturday MORNING! It is easier to find someone to watch the kids on a Saturday morning then it is Saturday night. So you can drop them off at grandmas’s or a friend’s house for a few hours. Then go enjoy each other on your “date day” and spend alot less than you would on a “date night.”

There are a lot of great local deal sites where you can find something new and exciting to do without breaking the bank. Check them out for other cheap date ideas!

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  1. What a great idea! We actually do a lot of date days, but just don’t call them that. Just joined the blog hop, and would love it if you’d come by and vote in our Battles this weekend!

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