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Diapers.com Discount Codes and Sales on Pampers & Huggies

Diapers.com 125x125I have a toddler and so for 2 years I have been comparing diaper prices. I know how expensive they can get. But for the frugal moms like me there is usually a place somewhere that you can get them for less! And I am out to find it each week! Be sure to check out this week’s best deals on diapers at Amazon and in the stores. If I can not find a good deal on diapers on Amazon I always check Diapers.com. They have great prices for moms who compare the prices!

Right now they have a couple ecoupons available:

$2 Off on ONE Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive, Swaddlers, Cruisers, Limited Edition Prints or Extra Protection

$1.00 on ONE Box Pampers Diapers or Pants

To use the coupon you will check the coupon box that is on the diaper description page. The amount will be deducted at check out.

Also right now you can get 20% OFF Huggies Newborn Diapers (Limited time, no code) .

A great thing I like about Diapers.com is you get $10 off 1st order of $49 or more + $5 off every case of diapers – when you use code: GR8DEALA at checkout (expires 9/30). The $5 discount is limited to 5 cases of diapers per month. See site for some exclusions.AND Diapers.com has Fast, free shipping on orders over $49!

This week I found some great deals on pull ups diapers. I will let you know which I decide on!

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  1. I have a $10 e-cert to here from the use of my Pampers points..but have yet to use it. I’ve been on diapers.com and never did order anything. I may have to check it out again.

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