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Last night we had a bad storm. It was the kind with the howling winds, lightning that lights up the room, thunder that shakes the walls and knocks out power. Both me and my husband had stayed up late working and were just going to bed when it got bad. When the power went out my first thought was my kids. They like to sleep with lots of lights on so I knew I needed to do something so they would not be scared if they woke up. I turned on all the battery operated lights and set them up in and around their rooms.

I went back to bed and heard the cries of my son. I sent my husband but once I heard both the kids up I went to check on things. The storm woke them both and my little man was really scared. I looked down at his sweet little face and saw him with tears rolling down his face and hands over his ears. I immediately picked him up and said he could come sleep with me. My heart broke for him and wanted to make it all better.

When we laid down he said “Mommy I don’t like the storm. It scares me.” I held him tight and reminded him it was ok and I was there. As I held him, I heard his pounding heart slow down and crying stop. Soon his tears were gone and he was sound asleep. As I laid there holding him tight and listening to him sleep I realized this must be what our heavenly Father feels for us.

Just as I knew that the storm would pass and my little man would be ok, God knows that our storms will pass. There are times when I feel like my little man felt last night. Scared, unsure, and just wanting to cover my eyes and ears while it passes. Just as I immediately wanted to hold him and comfort him, God wants to comfort us. And when we let him he can give us that same peace that my little man felt with me holding him during the storm.

Though we are older and our storms are much bigger it is still just this simple. God knows when we are in the storms of life and he knows how it will end. He loves us more than we can imagine and his heart aches when we are scared or in hurting. He wants to hold us close and comfort us until the storm passes. What a wonderful thing to know that no matter how old I get I have a Father that wants to comfort and hold me if I will let him. The key here is to look up and ask to be held and tell him what we are thinking just like my little man did.

Are you in the middle of a storm right now? Remember that you have a loving Father who wants to hold your hand. He will walk with you until the storm passes. It WILL pass! He wants to help you through it and he will! It makes his heart ache to see you hurting or scared so talk to him! Let him comfort you in your storm!

Heather Brummett

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