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Have you ever wondered how to get cash back when you shop? Is it for real? Is there a trick? I have always wondered that myself. I have heard about the sites that let you get cash back but I have never used them like I should. So this week while I shopped, a friend of mine, Sharon at Hobbies on Budget, shared how she has made over $1000 in cash back! I thought REALLY? I am missing out. So I decided to check it out and share what I discovered with you.

So I signed up for Mr. Rebates. I had actually never heard of this site! Where have I been? Oh well! I know now, and so do you!

Mr. Rebates was easy to sign up for. Simply put in your info and then you can start shopping! join-mr-rebates

After you sign up you’ll see a page full of places that I personally love to shop including Walmart and Amazon! If you don’t see it, click on stores at the top left. Then start searching for your favorite store.

It will show you how much cash back you can get and it will also show if there are any coupons/ deals right now. Today it showed me a great deal on Magazines on Amazon! I totally snagged some for gifts! all-stores-mr-rebates

Click on the store you were already planning to shop at like Amazon. It will automatically direct you to that site. Then you continue shopping like you were going to.amazon rebates

The cool thing about doing it this way is that it knows that you came from Mr Rebates. Mr Rebates stores that info. When you make a purchase it will credit your account the cash back that you have earned! It can take a couple days, but it works!

Once you have reached $10 you can cash out with a check, paypal, or gift card! I have not reached the $10 mark yet, but I am on my way!

Important FAQs from Mr Rebate: 

To get a cash back rebate, click on your desired store link and make your purchase in that same click session.  Your click-through from Mr. Rebates activates a code in the store’s shopping cart that will make sure that you are credited with the rebate.

Each order from a participating store requires a unique click-through from Mr. Rebates.  If you are making multiple orders then make sure you have a separate store click for each corresponding order.

Please note that rebates do not show up in a store’s shopping cart.  Rebates are credited a few days later in your Mr. Rebates’ account.

I am shocked I have not been doing this for years! It is so easy!

Before you shop, take this one extra step and watch it put money back into your hands! It is like always having a coupon in your pocket or a discount when you shop!


Mr. Rebates

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