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Allergies are one of those things that, in addition to posing a significant health risk, can also make day-to-day life a significant source of discomfort. Sometimes it is easy to identify the cause: pets and cleaning chemicals, as well as seasonal triggers like pollen, are some of the most common examples. However, there are times when there is something that you just can not quite put your finger on. It seems like everyone in the room has a cold or the flu, and your supply of tissues is running out at an alarmingly rapid rate. When everyone in the house is feeling miserable and congested, you need to find a way to eliminate the allergens in the home, or at the very least, minimize their presence. In this post, we look at a few different ways that this can be done.


Reducing the amount of mold and dampness

Due to the nature of the activities that take place in certain rooms, such as the bathroom, mold, mildew, and dampness are likely to thrive there. Mold spores that are floating in the air have the potential to trigger allergic reactions in anyone, not just those people who already suffer from allergies.

Mold-resistant paints are available for purchase, but you should also make it a routine to ventilate the bathroom after using the bathtub or shower. This can be accomplished by using an exhaust fan or by opening a window. If mold is already a problem, you should investigate the possibility of hiring a mold removal company. Keep in mind that the restroom may be a common location for it, but that does not mean that it is the only place where it occurs. Check behind the furniture because there is a greater potential for it to quickly accumulate there due to the restricted air flow.

Think about your approach to cleanliness.

The best course of action is always going to be prevention rather than treatment. Even if you consider yourself to be an expert when it comes to keeping your home clean, certain activities, such as dry dusting, can actually release allergens back into the air, which can lead to difficulties breathing. To collect dust, you can use a damp cloth. Because allergens can become trapped in the carpet, it is important to vacuum as often as possible, regularly empty the vacuum’s cylinder or bag, and steam clean the carpet at least twice a year. If you have a significant problem with allergens in your home, you might want to think about replacing your carpeting with wooden flooring.

Cleanse the atmosphere.

It is essential to make an effort to rid the air of allergens as much as possible, but you should be aware that this is much more challenging than you might think. Because air conditioning helps to keep particles in the air that cause allergies, it may be worthwhile to reduce the amount of time you spend with it, or at the very least, to replace the air filters in your unit on a regular basis. You might also want to investigate the use of humidity controllers and air purifiers in order to get rid of as many triggers as you can.

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