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Help #CureDuchenne WIN Team Escalade Texas! (#TeamEscaladeTX)

Introducing Team Escalate and Team CureDuchenne!

I am so excited to be participating in the TEAM ESCALADE TEXAS program. There are 6 charities competing over 5 weeks for a $150K advertising budget. The charity that receives the most votes on the Houston Area Cadillac Dealership page will win the prize.

I am on TEAM CUREDUCHENNE ! This means I am helping promote CUREDUCHENNE! I want this charity to WIN! There are 2 bloggers representing my team: Living on Love and Cents is representing Houston and Melissa’s Stuff is representing Dallas. We, along with local radio stations , celebrities and more are working to spread the word!  Here in Houston I am excited to say that these are the TEAM CUREDUCHENNE reps for Houston:



  • Daryl Johnston
  • Rocket Ismail
  • Dan Pastorini

What is Cure Duchenne?

Well I honestly had not heard of it before this year. I was shocked to find out that it is the MOST COMMON muscle disorder for kids. One in every 3,500 males born is afflicted with the disease.  Nearly 20,000 boys are living with the disease in the United States alone, and many will not survive their teenage years.  The disorder knows no ethnic or social boundaries.And there is NO CURE! How can this be so common and yet so few know about it?

That is horrible and we must change this!

How can YOU make a difference?

It is EASY! I did a short video here of how to vote. You can vote EVERY DAY! And since I have the very best fans I know you all will help me help this fabulous charity!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Cadillac. I am representing this charity for this campaign. This partnership is made possible through Bussiness 2 Blogger and Houston Area Cadillac Dealers Association. All opinions are 100% my own and not influenced in any way.

Heather Brummett

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  1. Thank you for this inspiring post and for introducing us to this common disorder. I would not have even read this post if it were not for entering a giveaway that you are sponsoring and I am glad to have the task of commenting on a non-giveaway post for the giveaway because I was introduced to this disease and your cause. I already voted for Team Duchenne and shared it on my wall for others to see. I will do my best to educate others as to this condition in the future and appreciate your post. Thanks again!

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