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Research has shown that over the past ten years, solar energy – and renewable energies as a whole – have significantly increased in popularity. In the last decade, solar power in particular has seen a growth rate of 49% year on year – that’s a significant increase. 

Because of the way in which the renewable sector as a whole is developing, it makes sense to assume that over the next ten years that the other aspects of the renewables industry will continue to grow and develop at a similar rate. 

Under the administration of President Biden, there have already been numerous press conferences focused around climate change and the steps that can be taken to combat it, with the renewables sector playing a key role in many of those conversations. It is also to be expected that further conversations around renewable energy sources are to come shortly, with the country beginning to work together as a whole to tackle climate change. 

It is expected that soon enough the focus will move away from simply focusing on larger corporations and will begin to look at the steps that citizens can take to help combat environmental damage linked to climate change through the use of renewables. 

It should be noted that in recent years, the renewable sector has become more domestic-friendly, with an increasing number of companies opting to branch out into consumer renewable options. Domestic renewables have become a sought-after business, and as a result the sector has become far more accessible. 

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Bearing that in mind, let’s take a look at how the renewables sector is becoming more accessible to domestic users and why it is becoming more accessible. 

Climate Change is a key factor 

Year on year, the concerns regarding climate change have grown, with an increasing amount of worry around the environmental impact of human life. As a result of this, an increasing number of people are looking for ways in which they can change things and turn the situation into a more positive one. 

A popular option for taking steps against climate change within the domestic sector is through solar power. The use of solar energy is considered a way that allows consumers to harness natural energy powered by sunlight, converting it into a usable form of energy that can be used in a diverse way.  

Incentives are being offered

The concept of championing the adoption of renewables is one that is becoming increasingly popular, both in terms of the industrial sector and the domestic one. There has been a significant shift from relying consistently on power from fossil fuels to moving into a greener era where energy can be powered through renewables. These renewable fuels can be used to power cars, homes, and various other aspects of daily life. 

As part of how the renewable sector is becoming more accessible to domestic users, there are a number of incentives offered to homeowners in a bid to encourage and increase how renewables can be used on a domestic scale and help with energy efficiency.

Renewable energy is becoming more accessible 

As a general sector, the renewables sector is becoming increasingly accessible to the domestic sector. There are a number of ways in which renewable energy has become more accessible for people to access on a domestic scale, in a range of ways. 

Renewable energy products can now be purchased and used on a domestic basis, rather than simply on a commercial basis. This has allowed the domestic sector to begin utilising renewable technology, from wind farms to solar panels – and everything in between, in a way that allows the sector to reap the rewards. 

The uses for renewable energy are growing. There’s been a significant increase in the demand for renewable energy (solar, wind, and so on) which has led to developments in renewable technology. There are a wide range of different products for collecting and storing renewable energy currently on the market. 

This new technology has the potential to change everything within the renewable sector. It’s adaptations in technology that have helped to shift the focus from renewables being a purely commercial concept, to allowing them to become a domestic option. Renewable energy is becoming more accessible for all, and it’s partly down to advancements in technology. 

The renewables sector has a lot to offer; it’s a diverse sector with a wide range of different energy solutions. While the sector has primarily focused on commercial renewables as opposed to domestic renewables previously, things are changing, with domestic renewables becoming more accessible for all. 

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