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How to Help Your Child Stop Wetting the Bed

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When your child is wetting the bed, it can be upsetting for them and for you. It can make them feel less confident and prevent them from doing fun things like having slumber partied with their best friends, and naturally, as a parent, you will worry about them.

Change their drinking times

Sometimes, bedwetting can be stopped in its tracks by simply limiting the amount of liquid your child has close to bedtime. Obviously, you need to ensure that they are drinking enough to be fully hydrated, but if you can swing it so they don’t drink anything after dinner, it may well do the trick.

Schedule bathroom breaks

Scheduling bathroom breaks is another simple solution that might just work, Get them to go every 2-3 hours, especially as bedtime approaches, and right before bed, of course, and they may find it easier to make it through the night.

Reward success

Although you should never make your child feel bad about bedwetting – that will make them anxious and therefore more likely to wet the bed again – it can help to reward them on those occasions when they do make it through the night dry. A little treat to show them how proud you are of them will really help them to focus in on the issue.

Cut out bladder busters

There are various ingredients that can irritate the bladder and therefore make it more likely that your child will need to pee. These include artificial colorings and flavorings, caffeine and cocoa, and citric juice amongst other things, Try removing one at a time to see how your child does so you aren’t depriving them of anything unnecessarily.

Check they aren’t constipated

If your child is constipated, then the feces they are unable to eliminate could press down on the bladder making them need to pee. If you think this may be an issue, consult your doctor on the best treatment for the constipation and the problem may well resolve itself once things start working again at that end.

Visit a chiropractor

Something else that can often lead to bedwetting is a misalignment of the spine. If the spine presses down on the bladder, it could make it difficult for the bladder to send the right signals to the brain, causing accidents to occur. That’s why it is always worth consulting a pediatric chiropractor if your child has persistent bed-wetting problems. A simple spinal adjustment could be all it takes.

Consult a therapist 

Often, children will wet the bed if they are scared, upset, or anxious about a situation in their life that they have little control over. Try getting to the bottom of any worries they may have yourself but if you are unable to do so you might want to think about consulting a therapist to help them work through their feelings too.

Bedwetting can be a tricky problem to overcome, but if you are patient, caring, and work with your child, it can be done, and it may not take nearly as long as you think. Good luck!

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