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Semi-Homemade Apple Pizza Recipe

Once upon a time, I bought a really small container of apple pie spice just to see what it tasted like. I just use cinnamon and sugar in my apple pies so I didn’t know what apple pie spice was all about. How was it different that what I already used? Well, except for being way more expensive per ounce than my beloved cinnamon/sugar mixture it also contained allspice and cloves- but I didn’t think they made enough of a flavor difference in my pie to justify the cost of the very spendy little container of specialty spice.

Now I was stuck with this container and I’m way to cheap to throw things like that out. Cruising around the internet, I saw several recipes for Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels…..and just like that a light bulb went off in my brain. Apple Pie Pretzels! I would substitute the apple pie spices for the cinnamon in those pretzel recipes and have something really special. My mind was racing with ideas! Pumpkin Pie Spiced Pretzels, BBQ Spiced Pretzels, Ranch Pretzels. Such a great method for adding special flavor to a standard snack.

It really is easy. All you do is spread the pretzels out on a baking sheet, stir up the mixture in a separate bowl, pour it over and stir it up. Bake for a little while and you have a really delicious snack or these would make a really nice little gift for Christmas. So easy and you could do several different flavors very easily. Do I get bonus points for it being really inexpensive??

Apple Pie Spiced Pretzels

  • 15-16 oz bag pretzel twists
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2 teaspoons apple pie spice

Spread pretzels out on a large cookie sheet and set aside. In a bowl, stir together the oil, sugar and spices. Pour over the pretzels and stir until well combined. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes.

That’s it! These really are a fast, tasty and wonderful way to dress up pretzels. Great as a snack, for gift giving or to have on your Holiday tables, these pretzels are sure to make you AND your family happy.


Charley Cooke is a wife, mother, homeschooler and blogger. She and her husband are raising 4 young girls in beautiful Southern Oregon and loving every minute of it! She blogs daily on her own site, http://www.cookesfrontier.blogspot.com/ about food, family, crafts and everything in between.


  1. I haven’t! I’m wondering if the milk solids in the butter might make the pretzels soggy instead of crisp though. Someone will have to try it out and let me know 🙂

    1. I just made these but replaced the cinnamon/sugar with a package of dry ranch dressing mix- they were OMGoodness good. So many ways to change it up!

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