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As a parent, you have undoubtedly craved a day away from your beloved children. But, then found yourself a little at a loss as to what you would do to fill the hours. 

It is easy to have a mental list of all the activities you would do if you had the time without small humans monopolising your time, attention and planning around them. It can be hard to find yourself switching out of Mom mode and not constantly thinking about your family’s health, what the next meal will be or how to keep them engaged when at home. 

So whether you have a planned child-free day coming up or you just want some ideas for when the opportunity arises, here are some ideas on how you can pass the time. 

Get Outside And Go For A Walk/Run

Okay, when going out and doing a form of exercise may not be your preferred way to enjoy your downtime, however, if you can set aside 15-30 minutes it will set your mood for the day. Not only will it instantly stop you from feeling like you’ve ‘wasted’ your day, but it will give you a boost of energy which you will be able to invest into your day and it will release all of these positive endorphins and instantly make you happy and feel good. 

Have A Luxurious Bath

Can you really remember a time when you were able to take a nice long hot soak in the bath and it not be disturbed by shouting children, bickering or interrupted by the kids nipping in for wees and a chat every 5 minutes? Of course not, you a Mom. So make the most of this precious alone time and dig out all of those posh and luxury bath goodies that you got for Christmas, but haven’t got round to using, and enjoy and pamper to your heart’s content. 

Some Alone Shopping

You’re probably thinking that you end up shopping all of the time, the kids constantly run out of items, have a growth spurt and need new bits and bobs all of the time. But, when was the last time you were able to shop for your leisurely? Now is the perfect opportunity and one you should take full advantage of. Firstly, you won’t have the constant questioning of, ‘Can I have this please?’ or ‘Are we done yet?’ which is the first luxury, but secondly you will realise how much more enjoyable it is when you can peruse the aisles at your leisure and try items on and actually how much more enjoyable this is. 

Watch That Program You Have Been Dying To See

You read this discovery plus review ages ago and ever since you have been meaning to watch it. But, when you are trying to please everyone else in the home, from the kids to the husband, compromises tend to be made. Don’t let the opportunity be missed. With a little pre-thought, you could even enjoy watching this whilst in the bath. 

Treat Yourself

If you know in advance that you are going to have some free time, you should seize that change and book yourself in your favourite treat or activity. If you know you love being able to unwind and have a massage, book yourself in and indulge fully in that treat. If you are a fan of manicured nails, or getting your hair done, or even want to indulge in some home self-care, do it. What is stopping you? You can take your time and at the end of the day you have put yourself first, relaxed, let your batteries recharge a little, and when you are back in Mom mode, you will be rareing to go again. 


Not everyone is the same, but you may find yourself feeling a little guilty having a complete day off and taking some time for personal indulgence. If you do that is okay, you are not alone. Just make sure that you are setting yourself a timer and just doing as much as you can within that limited window. That way you’ve ticked a handful of house jobs from the list and you can then actually enjoy all of these other parts of your day without guilt lingering over you. 

Have A Nap

How many times a week do you say, I’m tired? I want a nap? Taking a nap now doesn’t take away from your day. If anything it will enhance it. This is your day, so if sleep makes you happy, grab an extra hour. 

Heather Brummett

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