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HUGE Houston Consignment Event Coming Soon: Just Between Friends

West Houston’s Largest Children’s and Maternity event to SHOP AND SELL!

FALL SALE: September 30 – October 1,2011

Attention Houston Fans! If you are a mom and like to save money on your kids clothes, toys, etc. and you enjoy helping and meeting other moms than this for you! I am super excited about this huge consignment event in Houston! I had to share this with you all and hope that I will see MANY of you there! Just Between Friends is having a huge consignment event in two weeks right here in Houston!

What is Just Between Friends? It is a fabulous way to save and make money! JBF Houston is managed by a local mom,Danielle Soria-Orozco. She does it all! She is the owner and organizer of the West Houston event

as well as a mom and active blogger. She rocks and I am so excited she decided to bring this event to Houston!

Consignment shopping is by far one of my favorite ways to save money. I love it because not only do I save a lot of money, I am helping other moms! This is a great way to help each other in this economy! Seriously it is a WIN WIN!

How can you get involved?

Make Money Being a Consigner

Volunteer and Find Out Passes and Incentives


Promote Your Business (As a business owner herself, Danielle loves to help other business owners! Check out the link or email her for more info!)

Follow on Facebook for exclusive savings! They have this posted on their site: “Like” us for an awesome exclusive fb coupon! It will be posted for a limited time, we are not telling you when, and you will be able to print it and bring it to the sale!!

Follow and join the conversation on twitter here.

Fall 2011 Event Schedule

Wednesday September 28, 2011

Consignor Speedy Drop Off 6pm-8pm

Please reserve this consignor drop off for parents not able to do day time drop offs.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Consignor Drop Off – 9am-noon

Full Pick Up and Drop Off Details HERE

Noon-2pm – Closed for Organization and Recall Checks

Presale Shopping – Passes only

2pm – “West Houston Royalty” Team Leaders
3pm – 12 hour volunteers
4pm – 8 hour volunteers
4:30pm – 4 hour volunteers
5pm – Consignors, 1st time parents, Teachers, and Daycare providers – registration required
7pm – Sales floor closes

NO CHILDREN ALLOWED and NO STOLLERS ALLOWED – Nursing infants under 1 are allowed in a sling or carried. This is in the best interest of the children and the shoppers, persale is very busy.

We will have large Ikea bags available for your convenience and prefer no large shopping bags be brought into the event.

Directions HERE

Friday, September 30, 2011

9am-7pm Open To the Public

Children ARE allowed but MUST remain with parents at all times.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

8am-2pm Half Price Sale Open to the Public

Children ARE allowed by MUST remain with parents at all times.

2pm-6pm – Floor closed

Consignor Pick Up- 6pm-9pm

Full Pick Up and Drop Off info HERE

Doors will close promptly at 9pm and the donation truck will be loaded. No exceptions.


Want to print the schedule? CLICK HERE!

Need Directions? Click HERE!

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