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Is Getting A Dog Suitable For Your Lifestyle?

Things You Should Know Before Rescuing a Dog

Many of us love the idea of adopting a dog, but it isn’t always suitable for everyone’s lifestyle. You need to be able to commit time and money into looking after your dog. Your home also needs to be suitable and you also need to be healthy enough to exercise your dog regularly. This post delves more into all the questions worth asking yourself to determine whether a dog is suitable for your lifestyle.

Is your home suitable for a dog?

Firstly, there needs to be enough space in your home for a dog. Things like a dog bed, dog crate and dog bowls all take up space – and that’s not including the dog itself. If your home is small and already cluttered, it may be difficult to accommodate a dog.

Outside space is also recommended. Without a private yard, you’ll need to go out with your dog whenever it needs to do its business. At the very least, there should be a park nearby. 

You also have to think about the mess and noise a dog will create. Many rented homes (especially apartments) do not allow dogs for this reason, although there are some pet-friendly apartments out there. Always check that you are allowed a dog.

Generally, smaller dogs are better for smaller homes. Think twice before getting a puppy though – they tend to be noisier, messier and more destructive than adult dogs, which could cause a lot of issues in an apartment. 

Are you willing to go on daily walks?

Almost all dogs need daily exercise. Make sure that you’re fit and willing enough to go on regular walks with your dog.

Some dogs require more exercise than others. If you’d prefer not to go on walks too often, you’re better off sticking to a breed that doesn’t need too much exercise. Avoid breeds that need lots of exercise.

Getting a dog can sometimes be an incentive to be more active and outdoorsy. If you don’t do enough exercise or spend enough time outdoors and you want to change this, getting a dog may not be a bad idea.

Are you away from home a lot?

Ideally, you don’t want to be leaving your dog alone at home for long periods on a regular basis. Dogs are social animals that need the stimulation of their owners.

You may be able to hire a dog-sitter or someone to take your dog out for a walk while you’re away, however this requires spending extra money. Which leads on to the next question…

Can you afford a dog?

Dogs are expensive pets. On top of buying food and equipment for them, you need to be able to afford veterinary costs such as vaccines and any emergency treatment they may need. These vet bills are typically the biggest cost – pet insurance can help to spread out this cost, but you still need to be able to afford these pet insurance bills. 

Before you get a dog, consider taking a look at your finances so that you can make sure there’s room for the extra monthly expenses. This will prevent you from running into any financial struggles.

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