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I set up all of my new items and started tring them out!

Do you ever feel like just yesterday you were a vibrant, young and hot teenager and today you dread looking in the mirror? Where did time go? As life happens and we go through the seasons of life our routines and priorities change. As a work from home mom many days I stay in my comfy sweats with a ponytail and no make up all day. Sounds glamorous right? Occasionally I will shower and put on “real clothes” before my husband gets home but only if time allows it. It’s sad.

Last week I had a unique opportunity to meet with a Beauty Consultant at Wal-Mart. Did you know that they have Beauty Consultants? Me either? The girl at my store was actually a model named Lena. But she was not what you think of when you think model. She was a normal girl with tips for normal people like me! She has a daughter my daughters age and could totally relate to the stay at home days in sweats and ponytails. She even helped my daughter come up with a science fair idea! This girl was awesome!

She shared some tips with me that I told her I would share with you. You will be amazed too! To get the full #BeautyScoop check out the Google Plus Story. IMG_5903[1]

Simple Beauty Solutions:

Problem #1: I have no idea what to use to clean my face. I told her that when I do wash my face at night I use an anti aging product and showed her the one I used. I knew I didn’t have wrinkles but I wanted a bright glow like I used to have. So what is the right thing to use?

Solution: I was using the wrong product. Even as frugal as I am I had spent more on a product that I didn’t need. She showed me a product by Olay that would be perfect for my thirty something year old skin to give it a glow. She asked if I used a rag or hands to wash and when I said hands and showed her my quick routine she said “oh no”! So told me about this little battery operated brush that comes with the Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid! Powered Contour Cleansing System. This was half the price of the wrong cleaner I was using. SOLD!

Problem #2: How do I keep it bright and young looking?

Solution: Moisturize! She suggested the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream to be used twice a day to help with the vibrant, young and fresh look I wanted to hold on to as long as possible. She had a tester that helped sell me on this product. It went on so nice and smooth.IMG_5912[1]

Problem #3: What about days I am working from home and don’t want to get all dolled up?

Solution: Easy! Olay BB Cream is perfect for protecting, moisturizing, offering a touch of coverage and feels great on. She had testers for me to use so I could feel it and see it on my skin. It felt like a drink for my skin!


Problem #4: When I want to go out what is fast and has a lot of coverage?

Solution: CoverGirl makes a foundation for under $10 that primes, conceals and covers! WHAT? This is the COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation. I was able to try her tester on to determine the color for me. That was great because it turns out I have been getting a shade too dark for my skin. Being able to see it on makes a huge difference! IMG_5907[1]

Problem #5: Please help my eyes. They are disappearing!

Solution: She totally knew what I was talking about. She said they are called deep set eyes and they are challenging but she had some ideas.

  1. Use white (sometime called a highlighter) shadow in the inside corners.
  2. Use an eyeliner (she recommended ***) and do not start on the corner but start about 3/4 of the way in and then pull the line out past the eyes a little bit. Some call it a cat eye look.
  3. Finish with a water resistant mascara that is curved and made for eyes like ours. She went on to give me a tip about this: Use a q-tip to keep the mascara from getting on your eyelid as you apply. This also works as an eyelash curler!

Problem #6: Tell me something fun and stylish I can do when I go out to feel young again!

Solution: Nail polish! She showed me this CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss Polish and told me how quickly it dries and how it stays put. I was going for all the wrong shades! She so sweetly showed me the colors that are hot for spring including Corals. She went on to tell me about a new design which is half of one color and half of another. IMG_5906[1]

Here is how it works:

    1. Find 2 coordinating colors
    2. Use painter or masking tape to tape over the top section of your nails.
    3. Paint the bottom half the darker color,
    4. Allow about a minute for it to dry. Use the tape to cover the bottom section and paint the top section with the light color.
    5. That’s it!

newnail #beautyscoop #cbias

Once I was done I hugged her and thanked her for making me feel like I could be pretty again! Sometime you just need a nice, honest person to give you real advice and that is what she did.

As soon as I got home I opened my new products and put her advice to the test. I did a little video to show a closer look at some of the items in action. (Video will be added shortly.)

My husband saw me after I had done the cleanser, “new eyes” and new foundation and said I looked like I was glowing. He even said it reminded him of our wedding day! WOW!!! That was over 10 years ago! So guess what we did? We got a sitter and went out on the town! DATE NIGHT! I felt like a million bucks and no one had any idea it was just a few beauty tricks I learned earlier that day at Wal-Mart and it had cost me very little! That will now be our little secret!



I hope you will take these simple tips and try it too!


I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias®, CoverGirl and Olay. #BeautyScoop #cbias #SocialFabric

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  1. It’s wonderful to feel like a hot teenager again isn’t it??!! 🙂 Looks like you had a great experience and yey for sweet compliments from hubby!

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