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Coming up with the right decision as to which kind of mattresses to go for is really a challenge to most people. The market presently is filled with all sorts of hype mattresses, and all of them come with their fair deal of differences. Talk of size, shape, texture and feel. Even prices differ greatly. Holding all other factors constant, two major factors you really should consider in mattresses is the firmness and softness or fluffiness.

Having reviewed hundreds, if not thousands of mattresses over the years – from fluffy ones to the real firm and hard ones, the really soft and firm ones – I can now offer you quality advice as what to consider before you make that crucial decision. Remember this choice will determine how your day starts off and thus, how the rest of your day turns out too. An amazing mattress should come along with great support. You don’t want to wake up with back pains and headaches from a long, sleepless night now, do you?

The Back Sleepers

Are you one of those dreamers who usually opt to count starts and paint their roofs as they sleep? If you are a back sleeper, then you really don’t want to strain your back. You want your spine as straight as it can be all night long.

The offer might be really enticing, but running for a soft puffy mattress might not be the best alternative for you. A soft mattress will not be favorable especially for the hip area – you should check Puffy reviews to see who it’s ideal for. This area tends to sink since it is relatively heavy compared to other parts, and will result in back discomforts as the back won’t be fully aligned. The trick to choosing a mattress for a back sleeper is to avoid sinking and compressions as much as possible.

A construction that offers a comfort layer with a plushy feel on touch would come as the best option in this case. A firm mattress is definitely the go for you. The lower layers, in turn, keep the contouring and offer support. You can check out some great firm & hard beds here.

Those Who Sleep On Their Stomach