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Spice Up the Costume this Year!


Celebrating Halloween does not have to come along with a huge expense. An inexpensive costume does not mean cheap, and an elaborate costume does not necessarily mean expensive. Accessory changes are the key!

Costuming Without Breaking the Bank

While you may not have the funds to bankroll an entirely new costume this year, you can utilize accessories to enhance last year’s costume or turn it into something entirely different. As with an everyday outfit, accessories can change everything.

Say a woman went out last year as a vampire and her costume was an elaborate Victorian era dress. The dress is still in the closet, but she does not want to be a vampire again. Changing the accessories to a pair of early 20th century aviator goggles or some leather gloves, a train conductor’s hat and combat boots instantly transforms the outfit into a steampunk creation.

A man who went as an executive can lose the jacket and tie, add a glittery sheen to his skin, apply some mascara and do his hair with a tousled look. With these simple changes, he goes from corporate leader to Twilight inspired vampire in a matter of minutes.

Interchangeable Halloween Costume Options

Changing a vampire into a steampunk inspired character or a CEO into a pop culture vampire are only two of the multitude of ideas. All it takes is a change in Halloween accessories:

1950s Bad Boy to Mechanic — do the hair in a style reminiscent of any given decade, add a grease rag in a back jeans pocket, add a few grease stains to the white t-shirt and jeans and the hands. If the party or event allows, bring some sort of tool.

Doctor to Mad Scientist — the common theme between these two costumes is the white lab coat. Switch out the stethoscope for a pair of safety glasses, the prescription pad for madly scribbled notes and add a pocket protector with some optional ink stains. Finally, go crazy with backcombing, hair products and other hair alterations to go from professional and collected to wild and unpredictable.

1960s Hippy to 1970s Disco Queen or King — lose anything earthy and add items with metallic finishes and rhinestones. Change hair from simple and undone to more elaborately arranged styles. This applies to men and women.

You can likely afford to spend a little more on better quality Halloween accessories when updating an old costume. Doing so increases the authenticity and distracts people from noticing the base of the costume is old!

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