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As you’re part of an organisation that’s growing from strength to strength, you will be well aware that subsequently employee numbers, the business premises, your capabilities and the demands of your customers all grow too. If your team and the rest of the business keep a tight ship and look after all of these things listed, then the profits will start to grow exponentially, too. 

However, as you continue to grow and reap the rewards of all your hard work, it doesn’t take much for you to lose focus and for the day to day tasks of your workflow to become overcomplicated. One of the most difficult aspects of a growing department and business is the number of digital assets and the difficulty that comes with trying to manage them all properly.

Mismanaged digital assets could be costing your business more money than you realise. This is why a DAM system could be the key to maintaining order and brand consistency across the organisation. Read on for some surprising ways a DAM system will save your business money. 

Complete efficiency 

When you have thousands of mismanaged digital files to search through, locating one specific file can take minutes or even hours to find. If you have teammates waiting on other departments to send across certain files that are only available on their server or you need permissions from another member of staff to proceed with a change then it can slow down any workflow and make progress incredibly difficult. This mismanaged approach is costing you time and can negatively impact employee satisfaction! 

DAM software is an instant upgrade. By centralising your entire digital asset library into one, easily accessed place. Everyone can retrieve the files they need without waiting on third parties or other departments to respond. Instead of sifting through huge numbers of digital files, users can benefit from smart search applications and find the files they need within seconds, thanks to metadata and smart tagging! This upgraded approach means everyone has access to what they need when they need it.  

Version control

Your business is where it is today, because of the time and effort that has been put into your brand. Curating a brand that is trusted and recognised takes time and dedication, but as the digital assets begin to grow, your brand guidelines can become blurred and mishandled. An innocent upload of an outdated logo or written text that is in a dated tone could seriously damage your brand image and consistency. 

With DAM, brand consistency ensures you won’t have to waste money correcting expensive mistakes and trying to repair the damage to your brand identity. With version control applications, users will always have access to the latest version of any file, simplifying your digital assets.  

And finally, fresh on-brand content, guaranteed

Purchasing or recreating a specific on-brand image is expensive. And having to repeat those processes because of data loss or missing files is going to cost the company time and resources you can’t afford. DAM software ensures that no money is ever wasted, and all your digital assets are in one easy to manage and locate place. 

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