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The Best Nature Holidays You Need to Try with Your Family

Breckenridge: The Forever Beautiful Ski Resort of Colorado

Following lockdown restrictions and almost two years of uncertainty, we could all do with a vacation. Yet being restricted for so long might make you want to get back to nature a little. Theme parks and resorts are epic family fun. Still, as you yearn for some ecological inspiration, nature holidays across mountains, forests, and remote alpine spots might be just what you need. 

River Lodges

For the most adventurous and extreme family outing, you might want to consider a river lodge stay. Rover lodges are usually located in beautiful areas near wild rivers. As such, holiday operators like New and Gauley River Adventure offer premium vacation experiences.  Typical river lodge holidays include various physical activities such as whitewater rafting, horseback riding, and mountain biking in some of the most stunning places you are ever likely to visit.

Ski Resorts

Once the domain of the wealthiest in society, ski lodges offer a premium experience for those interested in alpine sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Lodges in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado are among the most popular for American families. Yet, the European Alps remain a firm favorite that attracts people from all walks of life. Princess Diana was often spotted frolicking with her young sons among the pristine snow of ski resorts. Yet, if you aren’t the more physical type, you can just relax with a hot drink as you take in the stunning vistas.

Forest Holidays

A forest holiday means many things depending on the type of family you are. For some, there’s nothing more enjoyable than camping in a tent with only a crackling fire for company. Others prefer the comfort of a recreational vehicle such as a Winnebago. While larger families might be more comfortable in a forest lodge-like Centerparcs in the UK. No matter your preferred accommodation, there’s nothing quite like spending a few nights nestled in the woods under the Milky Way. National parks offer some of the most spectacular and unforgettable holiday experiences.

Deep Woods Cabins

While forest holidays are exceptional for families, you might feel more satisfied with a more profound experience if you have the skills. A deep woods cabin in the middle of nowhere provides a fantastic escape from the modern world. Vacations like this are similar to forest holidays. Yet, they don’t offer comfort and convenience such as a supermarket within 1 mile. Therefore, deep woods cabin holidays are best suited to families with camping and orienteering experience to prevent getting lost or accessing help in an emergency.

Mountain Lodges

You might want something with a little more height than you are used to. Therefore, mountain lodges are a fantastic way to experience stunning views and animals that you might otherwise miss. Mountain lodges differ from ski resorts because they aren’t necessarily surrounded by snow and a cold climate. For example, one of the most wondrous and accessible mountain locations of the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, USA. Just ten miles hiking leads to the stunning Ramsey Cascades waterfalls, where you are likely to spot elk, deer, and salamanders.

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