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This was written a few weeks back. I wasn’t ready to share my story until now. Read part 1part 2part 3. (They may not be live yet. Check back for updates and to follow my story.)

“Hang on. I need to get the doctor. She needs to see this”

That is when I knew something was wrong.


I went the GYNO for a yearly checkup. I had been putting off finding a female doctor since we moved here. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want to find a new gyno. I had a great relationship with my previous doctor and dreaded having to start over with trusting a new one. I am very private and don’t like talking about female issues. But my new primary doctor reccomended a gyno to me a few weeks back. After telling him about some issues I was having he wanted me to go see her. So I made the appointment. And waited 4 weeks.

Day of the appointment.

I got all my vitals done and prepared to meet the new doctor. You know what? She was amazing. So sweet. I explained how I put off coming to see a new doctor and all my medical history.  I was sure something was up with my hormones because of the horrible night sweets and hot flashes I’ve been having. I also suspected that I has another cyst because I had been cramping alot. We agreed that was all stuff she could easily fix.

I’ve had cysts before. Many times. That is what made it hard for me to get pregnant the first time. But my cysts have always come, caused cramps, and gone. So I assumed this was the case again.

She did the exam. Everything looked good. Then she felt for the size of my uterous. OH MY GOODNESS! That hurt so bad. She pushed on something that made me scream.

She had a weird look.

She said “Let’s get you in for an ultrasound. Right now.”

She found the ultrasound tech and moved me to the top of the waiting pile.

I got blood work done.

Then she personally walked me back to the ultrasound room. She explained to the tech that my uterus felt really large and out-of-place. Something was big and she wanted to know what. I undressed again and laid down and she got the goo and machine ready.

I could see everything on the big screen. My uterus was on a big screen. That made me chuckle. Then I stopped chuckling. Things got serious very fast. I saw the uterus, some cysts, and a very large round circle.  It was not like the others. My parts didn’t look like they did before. I thoughts wow, that cyst is huge. Wonder what they’ll give me to shrink it. That is when she said  “Hang on. I need to get the doctor. She needs to see this.”


The doctor walked in and started looking at the monitor. They started whispering. Something was wrong. I could feel it. I heard somethings like “that is what I thought I felt” and “oh man”….

After a few minutes the doctor said, Ok, here is what we are looking at. There is a large mass. We are having trouble getting a clear view of your ovary. We need to see what it attached to. We need to do another ultrasound inside.


The doctor left and she did the other ultrasound. Took pictures. Measured the large unidentified object in my body. And that was it. I got dressed, went in another room to wait for the doctor. “The doctor needs to discuss this with you” the tech said.


I waited in that room for what felt like hours. I remember everything about the room. The blue walls, the weird pottery jar that had crazy long q-tip swaps in it. The loud obnoxious clock that ticked on HIGH VOLUME. tick tick tick

I prayed.

The doctor came back in. Her words are a blur to me now. She said something about a large mass. We need to get it out. We need to see what it is. We need better images. It is big. Ovarian Cancer is rare for your age…but possible. We need to do more tests. (then all I could hear was that c word over and over) Her face said a lot. It wasn’t good.

I got the instructions for the C T Scan and instructions to call her after the scan so she could look for the results.


Later that day I found out my C T Scan was set for 9am the next day. Wow that was fast. So I went to the hospital, drank the chalk, put the IV in and laid in the donut machine for the scan.

I prayed.

The doctor’s office called and said to come in first thing Friday morning to discuss it.


I prayed.

To be continued….

***I am sharing this in case someone here has gone through this. I need support, information, and PRAYERS! THANKS!***

GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! He is in control!

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  1. I’m SO sorry I didn’t know this was going on with you at the time. We had so much going on and here you kept this under wraps. I’m SO very sorry. Praying for you, Heather.

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