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Why It’s Okay To Cry When Your Cat Dies

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There are a number of people in your life who will simply never understand the importance of the furry feline friend in your life. Losing your cat is adjacent to losing a close family member; the raw emotion and grieving process is one that cannot be matched. You have been caring for your pet for as long as you can remember and when you imagine them not being by your side it can trigger emotions in you that make you want to cry. It’s important to know that crying after the loss of your cat is a completely normal reaction. If you’re struggling to reason with yourself and you’re wondering why you’re crying so much, here are a few ideas which should help to ease your mind.

It’s a Healthy Part of Grief

When you lose someone that is close to you it’s a human instinct to feel upset, hurt and sad. If your cat has passed away you need to give yourself time to go through the stages of grief. You may want to consider a cat urn as a special memorial for your home. This is a sentimental and beautiful way to hold onto your previous feline friend.

It’s a Method of Self Care

Crying is actually a method of self care, which can make you feel better once it’s all over and done with. Bursts of tears allow your body to release tension and get rid of any pent up energy you may be holding onto. If you feel like you need to cry, it’s your body and brain’s way of telling you to release the anger, grief and upset that might be building your in your body.

It’s a Natural Reaction That Shouldn’t be Judged

Crying is a completely natural reaction to a traumatic event in your life and you should never judge yourself for feeling this way. If your cat was extremely special to you, you need to feel the pain and allow yourself to go on that journey of grief by yourself.

It’s a Strategy of Acceptance

Many people can go into a state of denial when they realize their cat is no longer with them. If you’re at home surrounded by their belongings, their distinctive smell and their fur on the furniture you will feel as though they are still there. Crying can help you to come to terms with the loss of a pet and it can act as a form of acceptance. 

As a human being, you will have a natural reaction to any loss in your life, whether it’s a pet, friend, family or role model. You need to allow yourself to experience these emotions and ride the wave of sadness that comes hand in hand with death. Although these feelings may never completely go away, you will soon find a way to cope with your emotions and find the light in the situation. If you’re experiencing pet loss right now, you should know that you’re not alone and there are many people around you who are willing to help.

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