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The latest in shopping for the bedroom is purchasing a mattress online or over the phone. There are now several companies that offer comfortable mattresses for reasonable prices to the masses.

The Leesa mattress reviews have been strong so far, however, there are many different manufacturers out there that have similar styles of bedding. Each with their own good and not so great reviews.

Sleep is something everyone on earth needs, yet there are large groups of individuals that don’t get enough sleep each night. They may try different ways to fall asleep, and stay asleep, but insomnia is a big problem for many adults.

Start with The Foundation

When you purchase one of the new beds in a box online, you will notice that they do not require a box spring like traditional mattresses. Some of them come with a type of foundation similar to a thin box spring, while others simply need another few slats on the bed frame you already own.

A box spring is used to raise the bed up off the floor, to provide a sturdy foundation so that the mattress will last longer and to reduce shock when moving about on the bed.

The Mattress

No two people are alike, and many prefer a different style of mattress. Some like a harder mattress while others need a softer place to fall asleep.

If you and your partner need different types of bedding, you may need to invest in a mattress that splits and allows each side to control their firmness.

The Sheets

There are many different types and styles of sheets to cover your mattress. The more thread count that is contained in a sheet, the softer and typically, the more expensive they are.

Today, there are several advancements in the making and manufacturing of bed sheets. The technology is similar to sportswear and the ability to keep you drier, as well as warm while sleeping.

How to Get the Best Sleep

There are many ways to get the best sleep possible, and most require a little discipline and a lot of patience with yourself.

The Bedroom

It is often talked about, but many people don’t heed the warning. It is said you need to use your bedroom for sleep only (and sex). Do not have a television or a computer in your bedroom. You should even leave your cell phone in another room when you go to bed at night.

You can keep your clothing in your closet and a dresser, and even get dressed or undressed in the bedroom, but sleep should be the only “activity” in this room.

Winding Down

About an hour before you are ready to go to bed, perform your bedtime rituals. Whether that is to brush your teeth, write in a journal, reading a good book, doing some light yoga or praying, do this each night as a routine. Doing the same thing each night will help to ready your body for sleep.

Don’t eat anything before going to bed. Having any amount of food in your stomach makes your body work hard to digest it. All your energy will be used in digestion and not on helping you fall asleep.


Many people fall asleep about the same time every night, mostly before the television on a couch or in a lounge chair. You should set your alarm clock for about a half hour before the time you get sleepy every night.

When your alarm goes off in your bedroom, you will need to get up and move to the bedroom to turn it off. Now that you are up, you can get ready for bed and go to sleep. If you stick to this plan, you will find that you are sleeping better and longer each night.


You may think that naps are for toddlers and angry babies, but a quick, short nap is ideal to restore energy and clear your mind as an adult. The key is to nap for a short period of time, no more than 30 minutes and no less than 10 minutes.

A nap should be done in the early- to mid-afternoon, but no longer than the recommended amount. Napping too long will throw off your sleep schedule at night and could introduce insomnia.


If you don’t already, get up and move more. Exercise is one of the best things you can do to get your body tired and ready for bed. Even if you exercise in the morning, your body will be more ready for bed when it is time.

Gentle stretching and/or yoga before bed should be the only exercise later in the evening. Vigorous exercise before bed will keep your heart-rate up and you will have a harder time falling asleep as well as staying asleep.


Your bedroom should be cave-like, dark, a little cool, and plain. If you are too hot at night, you will not be able to sleep as well as if it is cooler. Your body has a natural dip in temperature, and this helps you sleep better.

A Healthy Pose

The best way to avoid a morning stiff neck and back pain is to sleep flat on your back. This may not be possible for everyone, but it is worth a try.

Use a pillow or two under your knees to help keep your back flat. Even if you can only stay flat on your back for a short period of time, it will help you fall asleep faster.

Soothing Voices and/or Sounds

There are several apps available for your phone that has soothing voices and sounds that help you fall asleep. Some of the voices are from celebrities, like the now deceased master artist and painter, Bob Ross. Both his voice and brush strokes help people fall asleep because of his comforting tones and the rhythmic painting.

Sleep is important and the more you can do to help get your rest, the better you will feel overall.


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