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Keurig shared recently that sustainability is a priority for them. They plan to make sure 100% of K-Cup packs are recyclable by 2020 and zero waste sent to landfills. This is according to their yearly sustainability report.. The recent report about John Sylvan, creator of the K-Cup in the early 1990s, says he regrets making something that he feels will never be recyclable. This got me thinking. I use dozens of k-Cups A WEEK! I started searching for ways to recycle Keurig K Cups.

Coffee Pod Seed Starters

K-Cups to Seed Starters by Krystal’s Kitc


Hanging Upcycled K-Cup Planters by Off the Beaten Path

Recycle K Cups

Keurig K-Cups Flower Pots by Keurig

Recycle K Cups

Paint Stamps with K-Cups by Keurig


DIY confetti poppers by Tiptoe Fairy

Recycle K Cups 

K-Cup 3-D Animals by Keurig


K-Cup Fine Motor Activity by Happy Hooligans


DIY Patio Lights by Today’s Creative Blog

Make the second most famous snowman ever.

Frozen inspired Olaf by This Mama Loves

10 Ways to Recycle Keurig K-Cups

Marshmallow popper by Come Together Kids

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  1. Thanks for all those great ideas. We only use 5 K-cups in a week, because it’s just a weekend treat for us, but I never thought about it before. It will be great when they’re recyclable.

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